Winged Siamese cat by vera-lucia

Winged Siamese cat

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Added: Aug 27, 2002
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Winged Siamese cats are a strange species that lives in another dimension. Sometimes they are seen in our world as advisors of witches, sorcerers and wizards. They dwell in high stone towers. They enjoy the radiant and peaceful Nature of their world. They are pure as angels and only come to earth when their advice is needed.
This piece was scanned directly from the canvas . It was the first time I did it. All the others were photographed by a professional photographer.

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i just love the siameses w/wings...i just had to put down my sealpoint Samantha and i was touched!!! any pthers for sale?

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I love, love, love this. I'm crazy for siamese also and especially as an avatar this picture glows. Awesome!

vera-lucia's picture

Certainly! They only fly in my imagination! But I am sure they would love to fly.Poor Birds!

tirakah's picture

Lovely painting! It seems a very siamese-like thing to strike such a pensive, regal pose. lol, and if cats could fly, the world would be in trouble!

vera-lucia's picture

Thank you, Karen! How nice you came to visit me here!

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Vera your artwork is very beautiful, this indeed is an angel.

vera-lucia's picture

Helena, que bom que você veio até aqui. Muito obrigado pelas palavras tão bonitas. Só mesmo a nossa língua pode ter expressões tão bonitas com as que você usa. É claro que vou continuar enquanto puder segurar um pincel e ter tintas al meu alcance. Beijos.Vera

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Suas pinturas me surpreendem e são colírios para meus olhos. Sua alma artista somado ao seu amor pelos bichanos nos dão de presente uma obra de arte gostosa e bonita de se ver.Continue não nos prive deste prazer.Beijos Helena

vera-lucia's picture

Muito obrigado por vir me visitar aqui, Luizella. Eu sinto falta de brasileiros vendo e comentando a minha arte. Espere que virâo mais gatinhos alados por aqui. Beijos. vera

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Que linda essa pintura. Com um gatinho tão fofo e protetor como esse, quem mais pode querer alguma coisa? Adorei. Continue pintando e divulgando para as pessoas como são maravilhosos esses bichinhos, muitas vezes incompreendidos pelas pessoas que o mistificam. Beijos,

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I love your work, ecspecially this one! Your cat looks so angelic and peaceful.

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Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my angel cat. You know I really love cats, especially my Siamese girl which is an angel. But Michelle is right. Their not so angelic. My cat´s little daughter could be called kitten from hell. She is a nice subject to be painted with pointy tail and horns . LOL.
Dan, this painting is incredibly small for my standards. It is 7.8 x 11.8 so I could scanned directly from the canvas. And I am happy with the results since we can see the brushstrokes and the texture of the wings. I am going to buy a bigger scanner in the future when I will be rich and famous.LOL
I am not back because have to rest from surgery . I miss Epilogue very much! Love

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Nice painting, Vera. Boy, if cats did have wings, birds would be in big trouble! You really get a good representation of the painting by scanning it! I'm going to have to buy a bigger scanner. What size is this painting?

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You told me to keep an eye out for your winged Siamese, and I am glad that I did. *evil grin* But as a past siamese cat owner, I canna believe that they are totally angelic.

Tis a beautiful painting, Vera, well rendered, with a subject that will always steal my heart.

Blessings ...

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Very nice oil. I especially like the cats face, has somewhat of a Japanese ink style to it. Great job!

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I love your cats! you must like them a lot, as you capture them so well.

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OOOH...I like this one. I love the cat's face, siamese cats rock.

Art at its best.