The cat who talked to fairies by vera-lucia

The cat who talked to fairies

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 28, 2003
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Primus was a Siamese cat who used to visit us. He was always talking to nobody we could see. I think he talked to fairies.This item 3652799367 at eBay.

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Please, see detail.

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Still doing that really 2 dimensional art? You have such great ideas. When are you going to learn how to use shadows, depth, and how to handle a brush? I mean, seriously, this looks like it was done in an hour. The lines around the figure are far too heavy. If this were ArtNouveau, it would be understandable but it isn't. The lines are sloppy as is the colour application. This is oil, deary. You can change it and push it around. It does not have to be so blocky and clumpy. Please, for the love of God, learn to put shadows on people and use less flat skin tones. Your anatomy on the girl and the cat are great. It was ruined by the lack of depth. I really would like to see what would happen if you used more depth.

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That's so beautiful. The cat is very expressive, and the light hits it so perfectly. I really love Siamese cats ^_^ This one resembles my old cat, but has the real thoughtfulness of the cat I have now in its eyes.

Art at its best.