Light struck by grue

Light struck

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Added: Aug 31, 2001
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While the accidental loss of his sword could prove devistating, it creates a brief distraction. Blinding the dragon just long enough to make a decission...Go for the sword, or run like heck ?

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blueunicorn's picture

Wow! That's some dragon! Excellent texture on the skin. You're also darn good with people too!

saffiresword's picture

My oppinion? Run like h...!
And...Yes! He lost his sword!
The dragon looks so gentle and sweet.
" sucker for dragons, sorry".
I agree, the lightning on the sword should be sharper.
He has tears in his eyes, getting temporary blinded by the light, but I didn´t understand why until I read the text.
Great texturing on the dragon!

grue's picture

Thank you Andre, actually the light was meant as a brief distraction to the dragon, not necessarily blinding him, but momentarily taking his attention away from his intended supper.

Guest's picture

Very beautiful work! Great dragon.
The knight's facial expression is great, though the dragon, in my opinion, does not look blinded.
If it is supposed to be blinded by a flash of light.

grue's picture

Thanks Mark, Yea I can see that now, the contrast between the shadow below his head and the light above.

lockett's picture

Outstanding dragon Martin, I agree a little more contrast in the rocks might push the dragon head out a bit. The texture of the dragon skin is very effective. Nice one.

grue's picture

Thank you Xie Lai, the skin I did first with dark thin lines, then washed the color over them with less pressure. Like doing a pen and ink drawing then coloring it with watercolor washes. Though I work with the airbrush tool exlusively so it's just more or less adjusting the transparency levels, then you can go back in and redifine some of the line work. I hope that helps?
The teary eyes were kind of an after thought, to help define the eye a little, I figured his eyes might water from the flash of light.

grue's picture

Hey thanks Dean, well you are very observant, and I thank you again. I've uploaded new revised and defined image, finishing the back and adding more light from the sword. Let me know what you think?

ebrian's picture

What a dragon!!! How you work on its skins? Well my impression of the dragon's impression is that it is deeply moved, even tears in its eyes.
Anyway, very impressive!

sdeanbloom's picture

Great work, Martin. The expression on the warrior's face is so well done! The dragon is great as well, although I think that the back needs to defined a little more. Right now it kinda merges with the shrubbery in the background. The sword I think should have a bit of a glare coming of of it if it's to be distracting the dragon (or maybe have lots of precious gems in the hilt. Dragons are supposed to be suckers for treasure, right?). But anyway, wonderful painting, man!

Art at its best.