Guest room by grue

Guest room

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 08, 2001
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the old story of evil wizard wishing to keep the maiden all to himself. Or you can check in, but you can never leave...We'll leave the light on for you.

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veinglory's picture

Very spooky -- I am not sure exactly what is going on, but that girl is obviously in a wee bit of trouble.

grue's picture

Thanks Mark, I think I got distracted by try to show too many sources of light. The walls were suposed to be more like smooth concrete, I feared too much brick work would become distracting and take away from the image as a whole. However perhaps a hint of brick would work better.

lockett's picture

Nice use of colours to seperate the various sections of the painting here Martin. I like the idea of the hole opening to space. I know I say this to a lot of people - but I think some of your work would benefit from a little more contrast. Here the grey areas of stone would gain a great deal of depth if you added a little black or near black.

Art at its best.