Woodland fairy by grue

Woodland fairy

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 17, 2001
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Testing the water in her secret hiding place...

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blueunicorn's picture

This is a wonderful piece, Martin. The reflections are perfect as is the ripples in the water. I like the texture of the bark and her diaphanous wings.

thrax-1's picture

i really love this piece. excellent water effects.nice 1

twstdrealty8's picture

GREAT water! The water was done so great because the ripples look perfect and wow...that's awesome water. Smile

grue's picture

Picky,picky,picky, sheesh....Hey just kidding thanks Dean, I'll have to take another look at it, thought I was fairly accurate with the lighting, but that's what happens when you make sh-- up.

grue's picture

Thanks Mark....

grue's picture

Thank you Carla, though I doubt you are stupid. The water was the most challenging, trying to show the transparency as well as the reflections and shadows. But then again if the piece isn't much of a challenge, it's not much fun.

grue's picture

Thank you Lela, you are much too kind.

sdeanbloom's picture

Yeah! This really IS great. I love all the different textures you got going on in this one, Martin!

The bark could use a bit of highlight linework to go along with the dark ones, tho....just my crit. Other than that, great!

lockett's picture

Lovely painting Martin, full of excellent touches. The hair , tree bark and the reflections are all beautiful. Top quality mate.

Guest's picture

Wow! O_O I thought it was a photo for a second there...the water is awesome! I never could get mine to look right, but oh well, such is the travesty of being young and stupid^^' At least I have an eye for aesthetics!

saffiresword's picture

I had to look twice to see that it wasn´t a photo.
It is wery reallistic!
One of the best pictures I´ve seen here at Epilogue!

Art at its best.