When Killer Dolls Attack! (back cover) by aridante

When Killer Dolls Attack! (back cover)

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 27, 2002
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mock up cover for a cd-rom game--ya think someone would've made a game on killer clowns by now, :/

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dude this is kewwll. haha i like the clown killer look :]

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Awww he's....BLEEDING! *helps the poor bleeding clown* Ok now go have fun! Don't kill to many people! Wink I like your clowns nice and scary. I need to buy a print or something and give it to my friend....ooo she'll freak MWAHAHAHA!!!

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this is truelly as fasinating as its sister. now i know i'm gonna have nightmares aboutclowns again. hehe. some one should make a killer clown game, i'm totally with you keep it up.

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I admire all your work ... but I have a personal penchant for this piece (and its brother. It's a KILLER!

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yeay! your stuff is sooo cool! and im with ya on the killer clown game... i mean, sheesh! c'mon!

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This is powerfully disturbing and very colorful.
I like it!

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I blame it on my sudden lapse on reality, ~_^ Thanks!

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Oh great...if I dream about the naked clowns chasing me tonight, it's your fault!Wink

These are wonderful Anneth...nothing scarier that a really well rendered, possessed, circus entertainer!

Art at its best.