The Ring Guardian by aridante

The Ring Guardian

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 22, 2003
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"Come closer my pretty........!"

Done for McCracken's "Lady with a celtic stone" challenge. Feel my wrath. *nefarious laughter*

Original Available! Please click here for online purchase.

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dark-agony's picture

very very awesome for an original painting, you are very skillz with whatercolor!

sferris's picture

Well Done Anneth!
Love how you handled this. Very creative touches.

Guest's picture

Your mastering of the paint is supreme-exquisite and visionary. You are one of the best artists I have seen on Epilogue.

enayla's picture

That does it!*stamp of approval* you're now one of my favourites. Yes.

draeger's picture

Hi Anneth, Your entry was my personal favorite of the challenge. I love your take on the theme -- it makes all of us who "played it straight" look kind of silly Wink Love the lighting, and perhaps most of all, her expression!

aridante's picture

Wow, Lippy, that's like, the longest post I've ever gotten from you O___O!!! *l* Thank you! I still can't believe I won something, considering that everyone else was kickin' my butt *reels* but it was a fun break, and hopefully they'll be more challenges like that in the future...'Cause playin' dirty's fun >:D

aridante's picture

Thank you!

aridante's picture

*muahaha* Thank you James Smile

mermalior's picture

AWESOME PIC! Fantastic lightings, great, unique idea. You, Steph and James did the bests of this contest. Hehe, those poor artists who submitted their art next on yours in the forum, there were knocked out:) This pic detonated from the others:)) Anyway or nevertheless (uh my english:)) what I wrote you did with this pic a very inspirating work - I think this pic will effect to other artist, to break the clishes, and to do original, imaginative concepts. Heh, 1 more thing: this is my fave from you. Sorry for the long comment, and grats for your f**ing cool pic! - Merm

Guest's picture

Really wonderful, great lighting

naddy's picture

Anneth, you rock! I love this beautiful lady on her celtic stones! Certainly my fav. You're truely one of the greats! ~The mysterious Epi Guest

Guest's picture

*jawdrops* its so impressive! i love it, you have such a great change at winning.. great lighteffects, she scares the hell out of me.

aridante's picture

oh LOL don't worry about it, it was a lot of fun! But you'd better participate next time Wink

aridante's picture


aridante's picture

thank you Patrick Laughing out loud Wow, you actually read it through? And you didn't get bored? *Hehe*

aridante's picture

thank you stan!

aridante's picture

eh eh? Who is this, Stephanie?? Meredith? Sign in, ya lazy bum! LOL! Thanks "stranger" >;D

aridante's picture

thanks Ken Laughing out loud Actually, I got the lighting inspiration from you, hehe, hope you don't mind *W*

frodo's picture

Sorry Anneth, it seems I put the kiss of death on this great painting.. I`m not the best "in how win friends and influence people" ha! the trouble is, I`ll always say it as it is....regardless of friend or foe, or who I will upset...

jenr8r's picture

freakin' outstanding watercolor skills on this one! great image! Laughing out loud

pakage's picture

Super cool! What great little imp she is, just look at that mischievous grin! Also! Congrats on being a featured artist! Loved the interview.

swisnie's picture

Anneth, fantastic control of watercolors. The lighting is superb!

Guest's picture

Anneth, this has got to be the winner! This painting blows us all alway. My vote goes to you. Damn, you're awesome & she's gorgeous!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Anneth, this is one of THE coolest pieces I have seen here so oh man, it is gorgeous...delicate in places, cool lighting, nice!

Art at its best.