Dragons in the Night by silas

Dragons in the Night

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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 15, 2003
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My first digital painting ^_^ I'm so proud... lol

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this is really a beautiful piece, a whole other world that just touches you.

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wow, this picture is so cool, i love the lighting and the higlights on the horse and rider, it looks really great!

isenho's picture

Hey! Another teen' artist! Wink dude man, this is so powerful. I love the environment created here and the dragons are not too big and not too small in size, just perfect. Congrats!

silas's picture

Hey Marley, thx for the comment man. Yeah... I realized the horse-size issue only after I turned my moniter brightness up (i guess I keep it way too dark when I'm painting, 'cause I couldn't really see the horse, hahaha). Anyway, good to hear your 34 cents. lol!

thrax-1's picture

your first 0_0,hey not bad at all,wonderfull ambience you have captured!!!!.Either your man is a giant,or your horse is a pigmy.but that is only a minor complaint.Excellent work

silas's picture

thanks Patrick, I won't tell you that I only spent 5 hours on it... because that might ruin some of the effect. *grins*

pakage's picture

This is a briliant piece! It kinda reminds me of an old Den Beauvais painting from the original "Azure Bonds" module. Well, it had dragons and moonlight, too. This is really top-notch though! Well done!

silas's picture

hmm... haven't seen the new coverwork, but I do definately know the band! thx man

rhiamon's picture

Ooooo, nice! Wonderful mood in this - very well done!

kingzog's picture

I like this - moody and dramatic! Reminds me a lot of the artwork for Emperor's 'Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk' (if that means anything to you... if not, disregard! But rest assured it's a good thing!). I like the way the lines of the dragons complement the shape and direction of the clouds. I look forward to seeing how your work develops! All the best.

silas's picture

Thank you much for the nice words! This is actually a photo that I took one night, and I re-painted it in Photoshop 7...

megaflow's picture

Well done! It looks very moody and atmospheric, with just enough detail to spark the imagination, but not too much. Great colors, too!

somerset's picture

And so you should be Graeme! the atmosphere in this painting is amazing, the lone rider underneath the overshadowing clouds and just enough light to catch those awesome dark figures above..Stunning!

Art at its best.