Whelp wafers by marieholland

Whelp wafers

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 20, 2006
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Ever wonder how some things in your shopping basket appear? ...dissapear? Now you know!

Food that flies, Whelp wafers!

Who's to stop a hungry candy coated whelp in the search of it's favorite food... sugar!

They come in coated flavors: Chocolate, white chocolate, and rare Green tea!

A 1.29$ a pack!

(They are modeled like the famous KitKats! hehehe!)


Done in: Colored pencils/watercolors/goucahe/markers.

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Hey my name is the same as yours christina DeLong but i doubt we have the same middle name...Christina Celeste DeLong ismy full name that would be kind of funny if we had the same middle name too. Your art work is really beautiful and unique. Im in the 8th grade and cant draw a decent shoe or even a flower without it looking like its dying. Im very inspired by your art work, it makes me want to draw no matter how bad it is. im sure your really busy and you might not even be the one who reads your mail, but i was wondering if you could email me because i want to get some tips of how you learned to draw so good. my email: Gorgeouspinkcheer@yahoo.com or Pinkerbello6@aim.com thank you very much and keep drawing those pictures they're really pretty!


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Wow..you are really, really good...this is a really fun piece and shows off your amazing technique....you have to be getting tons of work!

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Saw this on DA before, and faved it.
It deserves the DD! Congratulations again [i faved it]
Nice picture.
Love the concept.

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The title caught me....wonderfully and waferly clever!

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Art at its best.