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Added: Sep 04, 2001
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Another best peice I think. Hope many will agree with me. This is also done in Ball Point Pens. I used Blue, Black, Yellow, Red and Green coloured ball pens.
This is an attemp to visualize my dream.
One night I dream of a swamp place, so dark and dirty. In my dream it was dawn. Until I saw a tiny seed fall down in the ground and out of it sprouted different coloured roots and merge into one, thus becoming a full grown ordinary flower. Later, I saw it became a beautiful woman standing at the palace gate.
I looked behind and the swamp place is being replaced with a full grown garden.

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the rest of my message that seems to have been cut off was: my project and if so will you email me the dimensions at GinseiRyu713@hotmail.com. Thank you tremendously an

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I was searching Epilogue for images to use in an art magazine for my ceramics class and I found this one. It is very beautiful and I was wondering if you'd allow me to use the image in

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It simply looks great to me. Never knew, that one can use ballpint-pens like that!!!
But also all the details you added are great ^^

Nice dreams you have... ;-P
Aera >'__'<

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The colors are wonderful, it reminds me of 'new age' style art.

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Impressive to manage to do such a well made image with ball points & only so few colours.

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What can I say, THIS IS LOVELY.

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Hi Arnel.
Love the painting:-)!
I will support you off course.
Are there gonna be more paintings?
Because you are really something when it comes to painting.
Keep making those dreamy paintings:-)!
I will come back another time.
Greetings from Kirsty or The Legendary Cenobite

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Such a wonderful picture coming from a wonderful dream. I wish I had your imgination, Arnel. I also liked your homepage very much, why don't you submit your 'Ancient Warfare'? It's beautiful!

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What a wonderful dream you had! This is glorious for 5 colors, you achieved great depth and atmosphere, a very moody pic. And nice composition with those vertical elements and the horizontal background. Ballpoint pens are the coolest drawing tools, never thought about colred ones though. Pens just rule, I want to see more of your work!

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Thanks guys those are encouraging.....

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You used indeed 5 colours only? It is great what you achieved.
And the dream you described is captured perfectly in this picture.
Well done. Kepp on this good work, I am looking forward to see some more of you!

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Beautifully coloured piece Smile. I like the theme of the dream behind the idea for the picture, very intriguing Smile. Welcome to Epi, Arnel Smile.

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the flower is really beautiful... wonderful work...

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Ball point? Unusual medium, very well handled. Excellent colour here Arnel and nice lighting too.

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Very lovely stylized work. Pen work is outstanding, I love your choices of color and blendings. Welcome to Epilogue, I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

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As I said on BiFrost, it's just astounding. Nice to see you here, Arnel Smile

Art at its best.