Turtle Ride by babs111

Turtle Ride

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Added: Oct 21, 2008
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Most impressed by your fairly realistic drawing of an Eastern Box Turtle,(Terrapine Carolina Carolina) probably a female. Not bad, shows some good observation and thought. Shell curvature is a bit wrong. Realistic reproduction of the turtle's shell designs would improve the picture, such complexities of yellow and brown are magical in themselves. Note that when walking, Box Turtles raise their shells above the ground, they do not drag them. Necks are also extended further during movement. Back foot is somewhat inaccurate.

I wish the rider had more character; the figure seems incidental. Why would pearls be used as reins instead of a material more consistent with the turtle's habitat, such as strawberry vines? Turtle's eye has too many reflections. Their eyes are quite beautiful and expressive. Peripheral maple leaves on the right may be a bit too vivid, detracting from your subject. Too much foreground, also irrelevant, though continuity between the ground texture and turtle's scales is nice. Background clouds seem like filler. Where is the light coming from, and how is it falling? Based on the sun position, where are the shadows?

Art at its best.