Daughters of the Earth by babs111

Daughters of the Earth

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Added: Jan 28, 2010
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Commissioned illustration for a woman's group. Created with ink and watercolor; 6" diameter.

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Haven't you seen any other drawing with the tree of life motive? As above, so below. That's why the roots are like branches and capsuled. You simply don't know anything about Celtic myths, hence the weird comment. Study more! Good luck.

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Interestingly Freudian.

I have never been satisfied with my own attempts to draw a tree as a circular motif.

You draw tree roots as you assume they would be shaped based on the shape of the branches, a common error. - Actually, roots extend much farther along the surface and with less depth than you expect. Why does the Maiden hold an autumn leaf when all other leaves are green? Why are roots in capsules? Are those stars or snow in the sky?

The trees are rooted, but none of the women have legs. How grounded are they? Why is no one looking at anyone else?

Some areas appear noisy and irrelevant, such as the internal half-circles.

Why does the tree over-ride your border at the top?

Art at its best.