Sensing Danger by blueunicorn

Sensing Danger

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Added: Sep 09, 2001
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In this one I've combined my wildlife with fantasy. This is from an ongoing story of mine about a lost unicorn foal who is adopted by wolves. These wolves are "litter brothers" of his. This winter day they sense danger. This is acrylic on canvasboard.

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I fell in love with this print when I first saw it as a drawing prize at a comic book convention I was at in 2002. Since Wolves and Unicorns are my two most favorite things, this print touches my heart. I have taken the time to look at the other prints you have here, and you have made my list of favorite artists Smile Thank you for sharing your work.

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Thanks Serrita! You make me want to write that story now. If I could only find the time...I know how it would start...." Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, where myth and reality intertwine...."

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I love the adopted thing awwwww!I love the way to different animals can come together like that its just amazing and the way that you the unicorn in front like it was his turn to protect them now and help them out.Its so beautiful Marilyn!

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Well Caroline, I'll take you up on that challenge. Let's see what I come up with! I have thought of doing one painting that way but it has to be in a way that is different. It went to the back burner. Now I'll see what images my mind comes up with. Keep tuned!

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Hi Marilyn,
Nice unicorn, more real than many. Have you tried to draw one as they were first described in medieval litterature, rather than the later 'horsey' model. I've seen a few people trying but I think you have the 'brushflow' needed to pull it off. As a reminder : head of a horse, body of a doe, tail of a lion. It makes for a very ungainly beast if not drawn right. A challenge ?
Caroline Thierry

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Thank you. I will take it as a compliment. I'm finding that fewer art works are being done with a brush nowadays. It is no less a talent to be able to produce work as wonderful as I'm seeing by digital means.....I don't think I can do it. I am going to attempt it though, otherwise I will be left behind in the art scene.

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i really love this piece. i was especially happy to see its acrylic instead of digital... take that however you want:). anyway, its excellent.

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No, I haven't been "published" yet. I do have prints of some of my work but they are not limited edition prints. I do have my work out in needlework though being sold all over the world.

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this is just stunning, have u had ur work published as posters or prints??

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Thank you Christy. It is nice to see old friends from other places. It's also nice to visit your gallery.

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So good to see your work here, Marilyn! The cool colors and mood you capture with this work is fantastic. This actually makes winter look appealing, great attention to detail, too.

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thank you Anneke! And I love the vibrant colors in yours. I hope you post more.

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This is such a magnificent painting, the background alone is just perfect. Not to mention the beautiful wolves and unicorn! You have really a marvellous gallery, Marilyn. I love all the blue colours you use.

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I'm glad you think it unusual. I love my wildlife and just needed to incorporate it with my fantasy. Now I do a lot of little birds that are fantastical too.

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Interesting idea.

Art at its best.