Lady Dariah and Darklen by blueunicorn

Lady Dariah and Darklen

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Added: Sep 10, 2001
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This is Lady Dariah a highborn elven woman. Her companion is a rare dark unicorn with turquoise eyes and horn. The jewel of her House is the turquoise.

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copperhead's picture

Dark unicorns appear to be such a rarity. I did an acrylic painting for my mom several years back. It was of a black unicorn. I've done ceramic unicorns as well...I've got a palomino, two paints, an appaloosa, and one that is blue. I am currently working on a new piece.....a girlfriend wants me to do it purple. I probably will, too, as it is for her. Thank you for such beautiful pieces!

blueunicorn's picture

I like painting unicorns in other colours; blue, black...and soon a true golden unicorn!

Guest's picture

i would love to see a zebracorn!!! this one is just as cool cause you didnt do it in white like the rest of the world!!!

blueunicorn's picture

Thank you. I'm sorry about your black unicorn. Try another. I don't do too many black ones. I tried to make this one different with his turquoise eyes and horn....I wonder why the color came out in the scanning? The horn was a pale turquoise.

blueunicorn's picture

Lady Dariah is an elven noblewoman. I like to think that like we humans they also have skin color differences. As for her face, I struggled with it as usual when I paint people. There must be several coats of paint on it! I will never do portraits as it would never turn out to look like the person in question. Thanks for your interest Kirsty, but I'm not really qualified to help you with people....yet.

valkyrie's picture

Wonderful, I love dark unicorns as much as I do light or white ones! My dark unicorn was also declined here, but yours keeps hope for it's kind to not be lost to the world! Dark unicorns are a rare beauty to treasure! The Elven woman too, her face is so loveely! Awesome indeed! Smile

Guest's picture

Love the painting but one question.
Is Lady Dariah human or is she a fairy?
I ask myself this because of her ears and her blue face.
But anyway I LOVE THE PAINTING;-)!
I think that you did great with Lady Dariah's face because i can't draw faces pretty well.
When it comes to animals,i am artist(i think).
But when it comes to humans,i am a disaster.
I painted possessed Regan from The Exorcist once and she had a totally different face.
Well she didn't had her originial face that i wanted in my painting.
I think i have to practice with faces.
Anyway,i hope you can give me some advice with painting or drawing faces.
You don't have to do it but i will apreciate it very much.
Greetings from your number one fan Kirsty or The Legendary Cenobite.
Kisses and much love to Marilyn the artist.

blueunicorn's picture

Too bad about your zebracorn, I really liked it. This one had been a commission, that someone renaged on, so I changed it a bit and now it's in a private collection.

Guest's picture

They wouldn't approve my zebracorn picture:( I love more unusual unicorns. This one is perfect.

Art at its best.