Running With Wolves by blueunicorn

Running With Wolves

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Added: Sep 25, 2001
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Here is another one painted of the unicorn adopted by wolves. He is running with the pack. I did this one as a limited palette and kept it a pastel hue. As the unicorn lives in a cold climate he has more body hair than usually depicted.

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blueunicorn's picture

Heh, and I wish I could do people as well as you do. It's a struggle for me. Now horses....I've been drawing them since I was six ( I'm much better now! Practice sure helps!!) lol. I also admire wolves, as much as one can admire something so wild and untamed.

isskottr's picture

I love this piece... the wolves are perfect and I'm envious of how well you're able to draw equines.

And it's a nice point against those who insist wolves are evil... *grin*

downing's picture

A marvelous,mystical work of art!
Great concept,the colors are astouding.
Your entire gallery is simlpy wonderfull!

blueunicorn's picture

Ah yes, the lady with the lovely mermaid! I went to your gallery Nell. I like what you have there. That horse is something else! It's almost abstract.

elven-nell's picture

I really love this picture! I'm a big fan of unicorns and sunset skies! You did well!

blueunicorn's picture

Thank you. I've done a couple now and I have an idea for another one. It's from the same story.

weyakin's picture

I really love this piece. I'm a sucker for wolves (they're my favorite animal). It's a neat idea to have a unicorn with the wolves. I haven't seen that before. Nice lighting and colors as well!

babs111's picture

I think the colors you used in this are fantastic, it has a very surreal, mystical look to it. I like the way the shades of pink make it look like the sun is setting.

blueunicorn's picture

That's the beauty of acrylics! It can be used like oils or like watercolor. I don't paint very thick anyway, but here it's all in the choice of color and blending.

icarus's picture

incredible atmosphere and interesting concept. I like your control of the medium. To me it looks more like a watercolor than an acrylic. Good job!

blueunicorn's picture

When I painted this, I was careful where I placed the wolves as I wanted people to know that he was running with them and that they were not chasing him. I'm pleased that you like the color and look of the painting. This was one of my paintings that sort of flowed from my brush; it almost painted itself. When this happens, I'm immensely satisfied with it and hardly touch it again. Unlike some paintings where I fix this and redo that. Thanks for visiting.

Guest's picture

Here is The Legendary Cenobite again.
Now i see this painting i can really say it has something warm but also something mystical.
I think the unicorn and the wolves are friends and that is something mystical.
Well,that is what i think.
I like wolves and unicorns pretty much so this a favorite of mine now.
Was it hard to make a painting like this?
I don't know if you already made this but maybe you can make a painting with a unicorn and a horse standing against each other.
It's only an idea because i'm planning to make a drawing with a unicorn and a horse.
Well,see you later Marilyn!
Greetings from your fan The Legendary Cenobite

blueunicorn's picture

I did fantasy around 24 years ago when I first started painting seriously. After 2 years I dropped it and went into wildlife. I've been painting that for about 22 years now. I love wolves and paint them often.

Guest's picture

I think I just found my new favorite from your gallery. I love the wolves.

Art at its best.