Key of Renewal by million

Key of Renewal

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 31, 2004
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Done for the Epilogue 'Season of Renewal' contest, ink on bristol. I have a great love of stippling. Yeah, it takes forever, but nothing *looks* quite like it or is quite so relaxing to do. The original is for sale here. It is included in a coloring book, Dotminatrix, which is currently sold out. Like the style? See the special "Tell me a Story" opportunity here!

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I agree. Stippling is a lot of fun, and very relaxing--especially when one has been sketching for a long time, I think.


griffingirl's picture

I have NEVER been to your Epi gallery! Shame on me...I love stippling too, but have forsaken it because folks don't much care for it, for some reason. This has wonderful imagery. I love the chain bordering the image. *2 thumbs way up!*

blueunicorn's picture

I liked this one when I first saw it; especially how everything is interconnected. I like the embryo unicorn too.

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i have never had the patience for stippling and am intrigued at the notion of "stippling as therapy for the uncalmed";) nicely designed page. well-balanced and well-integated elements. i love the overall style as well. good luck with the contest.

Art at its best.