The Well of my Desires by dark-spider

The Well of my Desires

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 17, 2004
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Artwork Description

Last night I found me in your arms
so far from my solitude
and at dawn I saw again
that it was only a dream.

Last night I walked with you
all around by this same place
and today I know I would'nt find
what I have come to look for.

If only the night found
some place in the eternity
nor anywhere in the world
would have greater gift than to wish.

If a day my request could arrive
to the bottom of the well
its echo would repeat:
"I wish I don't wake up again".

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wow its so beautiful!

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Incredibly Beautiful!!

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Why on earth isn't this an editors pic? It's one of the best pics on the whole site! i love it!

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Aw. . . Its so sad and beautiful at the same time. You should win some kind of prize. Here by I award you with the pretty picture award w/ a bunny on top. Don't ask about the bunny cause I got no clue.

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Beautiful. Has she lost her prince by day? Lovely dress and amazing scenery, and also that very expressive frog.

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I went through your gallery and I see so much improving. Great work. It seems you are getting better with each piece Smile Keep on...

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Beautiful...I wish I have this dress;(

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This peice is lovely. Nicely done the leaves are very well done. As well as, I love how you made good observations. For example: The bottom of her gown is stained, as it would be in fall. The small frog set everything off, so it seems. Overall at of 5 stars, well it's obvious! I give you *****!

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Oh how I love the little frog!

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you must and i mean must do more like this one. please. everyone would love it. i know i would. nina

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This is excellent! Some of the best I seen on Eplogue! The opic and the poem! Well done!

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I never stop to comment, but with this piece I had to make an exception. Wonderfully detailed. It captured me instantly. Be've created something eternal here.

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Beautiful color--very sophisticated palette. Love the serene, formal arrangement. Great job!

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I have emailed you once, complimenting you on your simply divine art. Now, I find myself gaping at this work. The colors somehow accent her lips. Lips, to me, are the hardest. It is beautiful Cris. Simply extravigent. This time, not only am I bowing to your superiority in art, but I am trying to contain my urge to sit here and ramble on about your technique, positioning, colors, texture, fade, shadows, details, talent..... ((It goes on, trust me.))

gyrfalcontg's picture

Wow.... I didn't look at the new gallery uploads yesterday but boy am I glad I checked.... this is amazing. All I can think is... "oh my... all those LEAVES!" Stunning work on the atmosphere and lighting... if I were an editor this would be my pick too!

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Whoa! This is a wonderful piece, Cris, in every detail, and the gown is simply exquisite! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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Your gallery is amazing and this one is so beautiful... its just amazing.

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Damn, I think I have a new favorite image! Wow!!

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It is an unjust world, my friend. A quality and stunning piece of work. You get my pick as well. Smile

sdavis123061's picture

Wow Cris, this is just...breathtaking. I agree with the guest's comments in that I can't believe this didn't get and "Editor's Pick". The woman and the well are exquisitely rendered, and that background has such depth it seems to go on forever. Coloring, light and shadow, detail, all beautifully done. Well, I'm no editor, but this one gets my pick. Fabulous work Cris. Smile

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What a beautiful yet sorrowful piece you've created. I absolutely adore this work, the details, the colors, the whole mood leaves me speechless.. Glorious!

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No Editor's Pick!?! I have seen much less receive one. Beautiful work.

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what an amazing setting!an amazing technique aswell i might add!.

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I love this picture. The dress it beautiful and I love fall ^_^

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This is breath taking! Everything seems perfect and the mood is wonderful Smile

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Wow *_* This is just gorgeous. Wonderful trees and leaves, and her dress is so lovely! *likes it*

Art at its best.