Old Smuag the cunning! by frodo

Old Smuag the cunning!

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Added: Nov 30, 2001
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The old wizen and cunning Dragon Smaug...

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frodo's picture

ha.. ya I really enjoyed colouring in this one...

soulofafairy's picture

Oooooh I love this one Terry! Gives me such a warm feeling of my youth. Very very charming!

frodo's picture

ha..you don`t want to see him when he gets annoyed...

rita's picture

Ha, aint Smaug a cute dragon?

frodo's picture

Thanks Jenaro ...sometimes, when I use more immediate materials, like crayons, the childlike enjoyment comes through...

Guest's picture

Terry, you have an amazing talent! This is by far my favorite piece, not to mention I love dragons. I love the use of color and texture. Great job!

frodo's picture

I did enjoy doing this picture, maybe I ought to do more like this...thanks for dropping in Iris...

iris's picture

As I said before I absolutely love your style/technique. It's so good and full of humor..... we need that more than anything else! This picture is sooo good. I like his expression and the coloring ofcourse.

frodo's picture

Thanks Winnie... your fabric dragons are fabulous, thanks for your lovely comments...

wrreyes's picture

I love dragons and I love this one. Such character too. I've made 5 dragons (out of fabric) so far.

All your work is great. Excited to see more!

frodo's picture

Cheers Laura, yes Charater is my main aim when it`s Tolkiens` books

Guest's picture

I just love the craggy little teeth you've given this fellow Laughing out loud Gives character!

frodo's picture

Ah well, that just what the sly old worm, Smaug! wants you to think...beware that you don`t fall under the dragons spell!...ha ha

Guest's picture

Hmm ... Can't say that I think of Smaug when I see this picture. He looks to friendly. Maybe thats just me.
Still, its a well done piece.

frodo's picture

Hi Marilyn..this is a lot like the one I had in my gallery at Elfwood, but slightly updated, to make him look more mean. The medium on paper can look quite naff sometimes, but once scanned in to your computer, can take on quite a different persona

blueunicorn's picture

Hmmm. I remember Smaug. I always did like the way you portrayed him. I agree about the mediums. I like to mix also. Sometimes one gives just the right effect even though you are using another at the time.

frodo's picture

not pastel Nick, but chalk, trouble is there not enough media types to choose from, when you post a picture. It was created in crayon then chalk, followed by green ink..

Guest's picture

I thought this was pastel at first. I must say, I love this kind of illustrative whimsical look in this kind of art. The specks of reflected light, and the texture of his skin, is so well done.

frodo's picture

and more to come Anneke! its the run up to LOTR. movie, so I will be posting regularly now, for a while...I think the green ink was closest to hand at the time.

abroenink's picture

Wow, you have some great contributions to your gallery, Terry! Beautiful colours on this one. I like the green lines you added to it, very much!

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