'Gwaihir the Windlord' by frodo

'Gwaihir the Windlord'

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Added: Dec 07, 2001
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This is "The Windlord Gwaihir" from Tolkiens: Lord Of The Rings.

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frodo's picture

Thank you Brenda ...the fading was mostly done in Photoshop:)

windfalcon's picture

Lovely...I love the fading of Gwaihir into his surroundings.

frodo's picture

I really love pencil work, but don`t seem to do much these day...only rough!

allenp's picture

Pencil too?....I had no idea. Nice stuff.

frodo's picture

Cheers Vance...I used a photo that I took off the telly (for the eagle) some years ago, to work from... some people would consider that copyright infringement, but unless somebody can recognise it from over hundreds tv program from the last 15 years...
your ok.!

hexthree's picture

This one is one of my favorite pieces you have done. My pencils never look this good! The Windlords head has amazing detail.

frodo's picture

Thanks Bobby!

Guest's picture

as you can tell by my art i'm a bl & wh freak , but this piece!!!!! really georgous love it

frodo's picture

Cheers Patrick!... thanks for dropping in..

grimalkin's picture

hi terry amazing pic thanks for first comment on my work on Epilogue

frodo's picture

British Tolkien Society! wow your seriously into Tolkien, I bow to your greater learning sir!...I cannot lay claim to being a expert on what Tolkien wrote, but I am a book worm of a sort, in as much as I feel that I know the characters that he wrote about, and have been surounded, and lived with some of them through out my life. Thanks for dropping in Jean-Marc...

Guest's picture

"Anar Keluva Tyellanna!" As a Tolkien Fan for ages (and former member of the British Tolkien Society) I salute your art! The eagle is a bit large, but who cares? Really nice artwork - among the others of yours.

frodo's picture

hiya min!...the paper I used was of a very poor quality, more cream then white, I think thats what gave the texture. I used something like 3B or 4B pencil and then went over it with 2H pencil which has an effect of making the blacks more solid and sort of adding a glaze to the picture(this background was a study for an Adam and eve picture, you can still see them as a phallus figures in the foreground, and another figure directing them out of the garden into the wilderness) . The eagle was just dropped on a layer above it...and because it was drawn on better quality paper the whites stood right out.

Guest's picture

amazing! The texture looks almost more like film grain, or canvas, or stone than it does pencil!

frodo's picture

thanks Ben, really appreciate your comment!

roundeye's picture

i love this one (well, all your stuff really) very inspiring! a beautiful piece!!

frodo's picture

Hi Tiina!...This picture was meant to be a background for a sort of poster with the whole company in the foreground.

frodo's picture

Thanks Chris!...it`s a type of collage, film poster look, its not surpose to be seen in perspective..

caitmf1's picture

this is gorgeous terry, i didnt konw u could do such amazing pencil work, esepcially around the beak, what a hgue bird he is, i ddint imagine him that large but hey, artistic interpretation, this is gorgeous..glad to see more of ur lotr work up, get some put on the epilouge lord of the rings section.

frodo's picture

Thanks Anneke...stern, rather than mean..I hope

abroenink's picture

Wonderful! What a beautiful sky and background! The detail on the bird is great too, he is looking very mean!

frodo's picture

Cheers Koniotis!.. two seperate drawings really, I used photoshop to layer the eagle on top of the landscape.

cos's picture

excellent pencil technique Terry, very impressive!

Art at its best.