The Black Riders by frodo

The Black Riders

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Added: Dec 11, 2001
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The Black Riders came to Weathertop, to take the Ring back from Frodo 'the ring bearer', to their Dark Lord of Mordor, but Frodo resisted and striking out! crying aloud the names of Oelbereth and Gilthoniel.

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Thank you Alex, very kind of you to drop in...

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I love your work, esp. this picture! Nice to see a Tolkien inspired artist around. =)

P.S. many thanks for your comment on my Welsh Dragon...

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Thanks Matthew`s got a bit grainy since Epilogue recompress it though ....thanks again for dropping in ...

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oooo... this one gives me the shivers. love the glowing eyes lost in shadow. and the skeletel teeth emerging below.

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Cheers Becky ...much appreciated

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thanks thats exactly what I was trying to`s always difficult to show someone who`s invisible, so that was my way around it make Frodo blue/green. Of coarse the blackriders should really be shown as they were in the film, white! was a fudged compromise on my part really to leave them black...

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I like this one a lot. The nightmarish mood, and the wavy lines and colour in Frodo. It really shows how I imagine what may one see wearing the ring.

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can`t wait Chris!

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your right terry, saw the film, wow, that film gets a 2o out of ten, well done peter jackson, best film ever made, wow.

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Yea it`s a very diffcult to show them, when there all invisible, so your seeing it through frodo`s experiences of the event...

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i love them, even though they are invisible, i love them, i love the chins an the evil and alien loko to them, week terry, one week.

Art at its best.