Gollum in the Dead Marshes by frodo

Gollum in the Dead Marshes

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Added: Dec 14, 2001
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Fissh, nice fissh, makes eyes bright!, fingers tight, yess.... nice fissh, nice fissh!

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rouncer's picture

what the hell!

frodo's picture

Cheers Kent...I always believe that the shape, colour, composition, of a picture should hit you first, and the longer you can sustain the abstract delay the better it is for the viewer:) thanks for dropping in...

mythvoyager's picture

A totally new perspective on this scene and its fabulous! I like the way that the design becomes almost an abstract composition ... and those eyes!

frodo's picture

mine too, somhow I still imagine the lights in the pools comming from below the water. When I get the time I would like to do another picture of the dead marshes...

forestrogers's picture

Oh -- a great angle on one of my favorite scenes!

frodo's picture

not your gollum! maybe ....but it does looks like mine though...ha have a nice day...

Guest's picture

i dont think the pic is any good it dosent look like gollum

frodo's picture

Thanks Jen! Yes poor old Smeagol, his destiny was wrapped up with the ring and a very nasty one it was too...

jenzee's picture

Mmmm I've been looking through your whole gallery... It's all so vibrant and beautiful. Full of animation... This one especially though, embodies all that I find endearing about poor old Smeagol. Your art is the stuff of childhood dreams Smile Wonderful!

frodo's picture

I must say I was suprised at the reception this picture received, it`s really a cropped picture from a larger one. I just cropped it so every body could see Gollum up close

allenp's picture

It is know wonder so many of your pics have received editor pick awards....this is a great perspective..wow

frodo's picture

Thanks Wenche!...

frodo's picture

Thanks friend, sometimes your just lucky, and hit on an Idea that nobody else have...thanks for dropping in...

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Guest's picture

This is fantastic. I love the dead soldiers, the fish, the angle.


frodo's picture

Thanks Steve! this is a crop of a larger painting, so I could show gollum up close ...nice of you to drop in mate!

sferris's picture

First time I saw this. It is excellent!
And I love Gollum's expression!

isenho's picture

hey terry! ooo i love the view here! the coloring and the lighting are very good. Gollum's hand looks cool, as are the fishes.

frodo's picture

Yes.. I always try to draw my characters from the impressions a get from reading, rather than taking the text literary...thanks for dropping in...

Guest's picture

I like Gollum's glowing eyes, I always pictured them glowing when in dark places. I somehow envisioned that when I read the Hobbit as he was described, Kind of like how blind dogs eyes glow white a little. I always pictured the candles below the water also, so I really love how you did them!

frodo's picture

Thanks Marcela..your gallery pretty incredible too...I love your poetry...

twstdrealty8's picture

my goodness....incredible gallery! and the Gollum is great! Wonderful glowing eyes and fish!

frodo's picture

Thanks...I needed a setting to put gollum in, and quite honestly it taken me by surprise the good response I`ve had from this picture...thank again for dropping in...

Guest's picture

Absolutely wonderful!!! You chose the most interesting racourse! I like Gollum's glowing eyes. And the mood is really sad and creeeeepy:) WOW!Smile

frodo's picture

yes you are correct...that the dead marshes were exactly as there named. I took a bit of artistic licence. As for the lights in the marshes, the book is not really explicit about whether the lights are above or below the water , shining up through. I imagine them below lighting up the corpses. Mr Tolkien was catholic, like myself and there are religous paintings of the apostles with little flames above them, representing their souls, so maybe thats where the Idea came from?...thanks for visiting my gallery

Guest's picture

Only one question though, didn't the book say that there were no fish in those marshes, and that the flames appeared atop the water? No matter. You did an excellenct job of shading especially with the strange light source!

frodo's picture

Thanks Santiago ...yes I quite please with this one...I`ve just completed another with Gollum in, and I think it`s one of my best I`ve done to date...

santi's picture

The expression in Gollum's face is priceless. A really original point of view of the marshes. Really good!

frodo's picture

so am I,when it comes to Tolkien. as for being up there with Alan Lee, Ted Nasmith`s, etc...thats my next goal, it`s time to shift up a gear...Thanks for dropping in.

Guest's picture

I am what you would call a "geek" or "dork" when it comes to Tolkien, especially when it comes to artwork inspired by his works. I have to say, this is one of the best depictions of Gollum I have ever seen! I would place it right up there with Alan Lee's, Ted Nasmith's, and John Hough's depiction! I love those eyes.

Art at its best.