The Prancing Pony by frodo

The Prancing Pony

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Added: Dec 18, 2001
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"Well, Master Underhill, said Strider,if I were you, I should stop your young friends from talking too much.
Drink,fire, and chance meeting are pleasant enough, but, well-this isn`t the Shire...

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Thanks Madalaine... I base it on some British pubs I once knew and a few old cottages that date back to 1500`s that I`ve work in...

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wow fantastic, pretty close to how I imagined this scene. Beautiful colouring, very well done!

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Jack of all trade master of none...that me really Uwe, but I`m working at it... and slowly, but surely making headway...

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is there any medium you don´t master????? - again a masterpiece - wow

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This was only meant as a rough, but it seem to take on a life of it`s own. Mixed media really , some watercolour and some pencil crayons a couple of photos of models I made and then worked over in photoshop ....contrast and saturation was altered as well...

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The hobbit faces are just perfect...I didn't know watercolor could be so rich? deep? thick?....I normally seems kinda airy and open....this is fantastic.

frodo's picture

Yes I see the Prancing Pony a little more friendly than the

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the mood here is great. i love your LotR paintings, whew! go Terry. Frodo (the guy sitting next to Strider) looks nice

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cheers started life as a rough working drawing, and then I just kept refining it.

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this illustration is cool,cool,coooool!

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what can I say Cheers Dave, "so what`s ya drinking" right that will be two pints of best bitter love, and have one for yourself...ha!

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I really enjoy your artwork taken from LOTRs lore. Rich colors and very nice technique--makes you want to pull up a stool near the fire, and share a pint and a tale or two.

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in an old country like England, the Inn`s or (pubs) did have very low ceilings 5`6",Tolkien being English drew on his surroundings, and I see strider as 6`4" approx.I`m afraid the picture is compressed in size so much,(19"x13") that you can`t see their eyeballs, but strider is looking across at Sam & Pipin, while tell master underhill that his friends are talking to much. I could have made the folds softer and more photorealistic, but I decided to go for Style instead ...cheers JP! thanks for dropping in mate!

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nice piece terry,few things though seems like the height of the ceiling is to low unless that was intentional? and the gazes of both Stryder and Frodo look like they are fixed on the lantern above. Stryder's cloack could be more realistic with some softer folds.

frodo's picture

happy new year Chris and I`m sure it will be a productive one, if your last years anything to go by.The other Strider picture was taken directly from this one, at pixel res.I just realized the I haven`t finished this picture. I know hobbit can`t hold there beer, and that why Frodo has no legs! he`s legless! ha ha...

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awesome, as soon as i saw the thumbnail i knew ud done it,. is that the same strider u did before added with computer? or was that a enlargement? it works beautifully, the wonderful reds and yellows, just like i imagined it without imaginging it. really class stuff terry. i really want to do more lord of teh rings stuff myself but will wait a long time.

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Hi Tiina ...ah good, thats Strider sitting in the corner, he`s warning Frodo, that his companions Sam & pipin are talking to much, and about to giveaway information thats better left unsaid..

Art at its best.