conversation with a dragon by frodo

conversation with a dragon

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Added: Dec 19, 2001
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He gazed for what seemed an age, before, drawn almost against his will, he stole from the shadow of the doorway.......taken from the Hobbit.
How was this created, I hear you asked, well firstly the background was created in lightwave (all the modelling I created from scratch and most of the textures) the dragons body was painted in water colour, and then texture added in Painter classic. The head of the dragon I made of clay, then photo was taken of it . The photo of the dragons head was dropped into painter classic, where the texture was added. The rest was mostly drawn digitally in Photoshop. Althought the harp I painted seprately (watercolour) and then made a brush of it, and resized, and moved it around for the best composition, which turned out to be almost out of sight at the back....the wings are drawn with standard crayons and then tweeked digitally...

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Thankyou Uwe... I always like try an use different tools and materails, because they all give you a different finish and way of working....I find photoshop great for composition and layers/undo button but the finish(my finish that is because I`ve seen others get great texture and finish) lacks texure and soul...

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- looooool - if this is not a mixed media painting than there exists no mixt media - superb pice of art - and this is right my opinion - only the result is important, not the way - in this picture it seems it was a very interesting way to the stunning result Smile ------ outstanding immage

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what I`ve seen of your work your very talented and will soon get to grip with colour...I`m just starting to create a website, and one of it`s features will be showing how I create my work in detail...
I`m still working on it at the moment so it`s a bit buggie...

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Your digital stuff is very nice....seems you are well versed....maybe I should take a class or

frodo's picture

Yes`s gotta jel, and I know in places in this picture you can see the joins, but I just can`t stop myself from experimenting...

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Wonderful scene Terry! I agree with you and others that the mediums used are irrelevant to the finished piece, especially if the art is meant to be used commercially or as a print. The tough part is making the disparate mediums seem as if they are one in the service of the picture.
Having said all that I still enjoy a behind the scenes peek at the creative process.

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Yes of course your Art, the end justifies the means...but there`s a lot of artists on this site that would be curious to know how it was created...thanks for your comment..Smile

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Oh! Does anyone care what medium you did it in? Really, do they? The peice still pulls together well, and it's still fantastic! Wink

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I cannot tell a lie...that part was airbrushed in photoshop...just the body of the dragon and the harp in the background was watercolour...thanks for dropping in...

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My Gosh! I love to use watercolour, and I like the way you have used it to get effects, especially the smoke outline of the hobbit! Smile

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Cheers Oliver ...I agreed about mixing media, you got keep trying new ways of work, that way you might just stumble across a new tecnique, that allows you, to exspress yourself completely!

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ok,very well rendered,i like this one,and i love your technique.some people would be alittle bit confused about painting a dragon in new media;-)but what should i say,i try to paint humans this way as dragons,(or so)...keep on mixed°&°

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Thanks Debbi..I`ve send a couple prints of this one, for epilogues debut at MegaCon2002...

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This one is sooooo good Smile I love the composition and the lighting is just excellent. Not to mention the richness of the colors. This would be beautiful in print!

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Ha! made of money, that a good one Ceara, wish I`d though of that. Yes I mixs and match alot, mainly because I`m still seaching for an ideal way of expressing myself.I found that 3D rendering is very good for structures, where as modelling with clay or plastersine is the best way of get character, and composition is best done free hand....but the technique still needs alot of development

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Talk about mixed media! *grin* All that for a dragon...
He is amazing. My 11 year old sister saw him and said he looks as if he is made of money. I think I agree Smile the composition is beautiful, and the color use.. everything seamlessly integrates into a wonderful artwork!

Art at its best.