Trebeard by frodo


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Added: Dec 19, 2001
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Boom! Ho hum!...almost felt you liked the old Forest...

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frodo's picture

That sounds good ...I like to see them, maybe you could upload photos of them here! Smile

angelicious's picture

I love this one,,, i do sculptures of tree beard ,,, made into candle votives...
rock on !!!


frodo's picture

cheers mate!... and thanks for dropping in and leaving such nice comments...

somerset's picture

Fabulous work, Terry, I love the fairytale atmosphere of this one.....such a magical piece!

frodo's picture

It`s Tolkien really...if I were illustrating from another Author that can paint pictures with words, you would see them reflected in my work...

soulofafairy's picture

Your work is so humbling...You really have a since of good will and heart in every piece! Truly a gift!

frodo's picture

Thanks Kay ...

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Now that is a great! What an expression! I am having so much fun visiting your gallery. All of it is superb.

frodo's picture

haha! then what happened..?

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The two trolls walked along the forest talking about there fine day. "Perhaps we should bring home some wood!" the one in green suggested. "Oh no!! we couldent. you see i believe thats the trees are alive. if we cut them down it hurts them terroribly" The yellow explained back. Meanwhile ogerthic, the forest protecter over heard them. He quicckly turned...

frodo's picture

Thankyou friend...!

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Your treebeard is the best I´ve seen!

frodo's picture

yea mine too...

allenp's picture

Ok....this is probably my favorite...Treebeard rocks!

frodo's picture

Cheers Tom.. I`d like to do a few more treebeards just to see what I can come up with, I feel the films version, never really fulfilled my view of him...

portalrun's picture

Great gallery Terry, I like your unique view of treebeard, very entertaining and story telling...excellent work...

frodo's picture

Thanks for kind comment...the colours are so vibrant because I digitally saturated them after the image was scanned in. The tone and textures are the very things I enjoy about painting, once the composition is layed out, it`s just about expressing and enjoying myself...thanks for dropping in...

aquafemina's picture

I love the detail on the tree - your colors are so vibrant...does it take a lot of patience to create all those textures? Your picture is truly phenomenal. Smile

frodo's picture

Cheers Liptak...a comment from an artist of your quality, is always much appreciated...

mermalior's picture

Awesome pic Terry! I like the colors, the facial expression and the extremely detailed textures. Your LotR world is really fantastic!

frodo's picture

I drew no roughs for the Treebeard picture, I start the artwork and finished it...and worked out the composition as I went along...thanks for dropping in Denny...

isenho's picture

WoW Terry! love the way of how you did the beard, quite original. this whole concept is great!

frodo's picture

I start off with good intentions to make it dark and grim...but the child side of my nature just takes over..."Stamps feet! it not fair" haha

twstdrealty8's picture

Yikes! Tree! I love 'em! and this one's no exception! Nice lighting, and the addition of the baby green tree, the snail and thr crow really make this image somewhat playful (especially in the use of color). Very lovely! Congrats on the editor's pick! Smile

frodo's picture

Thanks for your handsome remarks, I do have another version of Treebeared, that I hope to complete before the 2nd film opens, but it`s still looks very much a tree...

Guest's picture

As an old Tolkien Fan -I was in the British tolkien Society in the 80'- I can't but admire your interpretation of a beloved Book. I wish I am an artist too...I am sure Pr.Tolkien would have appreciate. This work is perfect -thought I imagined Treebeard as something else (what the forthcoming movie is going to show?). The better an artwork is the more difficult it is to talk about it. This one could be an illustration for the Book. you are so skilled.

frodo's picture

Thanks Rebekah....ha! my Trebeard is not meant to be looking kindly on the Hobbits. At this stage of the story he`s very suspicious of them and might have taken them for small orcs, but I do agree with you, that later he becomes a kindly old grandfatherly figure .....thanks for the comment Rebekah...

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Thank you so much for your kind comment on my Treebeard piece! Isn't it amazing how different artists' visions of one character can be so radically different? I love your interpretation, especially since he has such a kind look in his eyes. That was really the most important thing to me about Treebeard, and it seems that a lot of artists make him look too quick and almost a little angry. Yours is perfect, though! The colors are amazing, and that golden river... wow!

frodo's picture

Not really from Iguana, the influenced was from a secret place on Dartmoor called Lucky Tor, this valley is full of old Ents..

Guest's picture

I've been meaning to paint an Iguana for ages, then saw your wonderful tree painting. Was it influenced by an Iguana?

Art at its best.