Trebeard by frodo


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Added: Dec 19, 2001
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Boom! Ho hum!...almost felt you liked the old Forest...

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Thats wonderful Renee, that treebeared has found a good home. Now you have encouraged me to create!...I thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement....that made my day!

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Dear Mr. Ernest,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Renee Martellini

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Dear Mr. Ernest, My screams of delight were heard all over MegaCon when I won your watercolor print of "TREEBEARD". It has been professionally framed and hangs proudly for all to see in a place of honor in my home. I think your work is more than amazing and I look forward to hearing of your fame. God Bless You and Keep You, Your talent is a true gift we are all blessed by.
Renee Martellini, Port Charlotte Florida

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It`s watercolour Katherine, but I did saturate the colours once it had been scanned in. The orignal artwork is a pale reflection of this...

jezebel's picture

Wow... this is an amazing piece. The detail is incredible. And honestly I can't believe its watercolour! Impressive. Smile

frodo's picture

I just love colours John, I do tend to really saturate my prints in colour...I`m still a kid at heart and just love to scribble in pure pigment.

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It funny some of my best work, comes from just drawing straight on to the paper with no, or very little pre-planning...thanks for your comment James!

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I love it Terry !! especially the colours .. damn good work

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Judging by some of the comments above, there are still some who don't know who (what?) Trebeard is, but is abundantly apparent that you have actually met the ol' ent... The composition and colors are top notch... I'm sure both Tolkien and Trebeard would approve of this fabulous portrait...

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If you go to MegaCon2002 you can see a poster of it, along with Conversation with a Dragon!

gordillo's picture

Beautiful,nice composition and palette.Great work!! Smile

frodo's picture

Happy New Year Katy ....and all!..
it was painted as a water colour, but once I`d scanned it in I increased the contrast and colour saturation...

k-t-roo's picture

im back again, heh. you know i always wondered what medium this is. oh, and happy new year terry.

frodo's picture

Helloooo Anneth! ...a chrysalis you have been for to long, now is the time to see you spread your butterfly wings!..ha!

aridante's picture

Hi hi!! Guess whoo!!! Laughing out loud
*Hugs and lotsa wet waterballoon squishes**

frodo's picture

Cheers Tiina must have seen it at Elfwood, I have a gallery there too..with a lot more pictures...

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Thank you madam! ..yes but I`m afaid I can`t lay claim to the old man of the woods. Tolkien`s rendered this character straight off the page and into my imagination...

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Yes Utakata! Trebeard is an Ent, a tree sheppard if you like...they protect the forest from any, that would do the trees harm. a bit like Green Peace I suppose ha!..

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Looking though mist is that you Katy!...I was saving the last three of my best pictures to celebrate the comming of the movie "The Lord of The Rings". Two of them have arrived, the other one of the trilogy (statues) should be following shortly,... I expect there busy right now.

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Excellent sir! The old man/tree parallel is a fantasy element I have always admired...

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He protects a little tree?! wow,It's the wonderful world...I want to live in such a wood, too.

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yay, its up. you know how much i love this pic, im so pleased it got to epilogue, and im not surprised its an editors pic. great work terry

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