Gollum Strangling sam by frodo

Gollum Strangling sam

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Added: Mar 16, 2002
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Ugh!..."Let go Gollum, or you will feel sting"

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cheers Jen, your comment is much appreciated...

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Particularily beautiful colourscheme in this Smile! The lighting is amazing... I am in awe of your watercolour skills!

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Cheers Rebecca!...yes watercolour can be very unforgiving...although I am no expert, this is what I learnt by trial& error is ...use a heavy water colour paper, and work at least A3 size,do a light refined pencil drawing, then mix your colour with water( to a light wash) before you touch the paper(makeing sure theres no pure pigment on your brush)and then deepen each layer, being careful to leave the lights areas(because once you have made it to dark, it`s very difficult to lighten the paper)...oh! try a lot of experimenting on paper, when your not trying to achieve a finished piece...hope that helps...

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That is amazing!
Im going through your gallery right now, tried to post a message at one of your earlier works - Didn't see it tho Sad
Just wanted to say that you've done an amazing job of depiciting bits of Tolkien's story.
Keep Up the EXCELLENT work!

ps It being watercolour has me more in awe - how can any one work with such a stubborn medium?!

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Yes I agree Uwe!..that where the film and my imagination has come together and in many places surpassed mine, I will leave well alone, and that goes for other artists paintings too...I think there must be another 50 illustations I would like to do before I shuffle up this mortal coil...ha...

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oh my god - fantastic - think i could never do such a picture - i saw the film, Sad think its mighty immagination has corrupted me too much Sad - think i i would try to paint a lord of the ring picture there would be too much influence from the film --- so it is a real joy too look at a pic like this - wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought Elijah was perfectly cast for the part of Frodo, but I still think for illustrations the Hobbits need more physical attributes to say there Hobbits.

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Hey!, I've already seen the lotr movie. Haha, the gollum is quite match, but Elijah Expression is quite odd. You draw hobbit ugly, but i think Elijah was too cute for hobbit. Smile

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Thanks Bill...

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Really nice work Terry, I am quite envious.

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Thanks Alexandra...your comments much appreciated...

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*blink* well, knock me down with a feather... excuse me whilst I turn green here. Watercolour... detail... together... urgh, if I evee become a quarter as good I will die a happy person. Beautiful work and congrats for the editors pick.

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Thanks very much Vera! ...I love the colour and vitality in your work!

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All your works are very beautiful!

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Cheers Walt!...I always try and better my most recent picture, but the productivity then suffers...thanks for the comment!

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Fantastic! All of your work is so well done!

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Cheers Rebecca! thanks alot...

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This is exactly how those hobbitons should look! Great expressions here!

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Thats what epilogue is all about Liptak, to inspire each other...and your work is always inspireational...thanks for dropping in Liptak...

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Just amazing!!!! What a crazy detail! You are a worldclass artist Terry! I LOVE the colors, theme and the detail. Hmmm, you gave me big inspiration. Thank you!

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Thanks for visiting Patrick!

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Cheers John!..And congratulations for being Featured Artist...well done mate!

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Outstanding as always Terry !!

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congrats for the editors pick:)
i especially like the hands

Art at its best.