King Under The Mountain by frodo

King Under The Mountain

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Added: Aug 02, 2002
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In gratitude for Bilbo`s services, in recovering the Dwarves treasure from Smaug,many golden gifts did Bilbo receive, and this is the only known likeness of the great king " Thror... King Under The Mountain, and after long forgotten ages ...I now have it in my keeping...

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haha! roll over again to have my ego stroked, hehee that felt good...thanks for dropping in Rebecca!...

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This is just amazing stuff! Am going through your gallery right now, and thought it a crime not to appreciate your brilliance, so a tiny note to say W.O.W!

Another Artist bringing Tolkien's marvellous world to life!


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yep! I just love the books, and it sort of relates to my wonderful childhood...

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Oh, I see, this stuff is Lord of the Rings! Cool...

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ha.. well, when I`m not being a electrician, or cooking for the family(because my wife works full time) or a dad...then if I`m in the mood some Artwork might get move on a little.... normally one step forward and three back...ha

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you are for sure an artist - now i am completly speechless ----------------

frodo's picture

Well er,..of course it`s authentic! that old story of carving it out of hardboard is just a red herring. As you may well know, from my Elfwood site, I am part hobbit on my Took side of my family, going wayback to the begining of the Shires history.
There are tales untold of this ancient heirloom...and it has powers that you would not guess...

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Amazingly convincing. I feel I am looking at an authentic ancient relic somehow transported all the way from middle-earth to our world! Awesome

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Cheers Oliver, yes you see the sixtys influence..where my work changes from Celtic to OZ (starts to meltdown)...We had a photograph project when I was at art collage....and our tutors hated giving out compliments, when he saw my black/white photos of this, he gave me a back handed compliment, by saying it`s good to see theirs still some antiquity left in Exeter...not realizing that I had carved this out of hardboard ...haha!

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pretty work,i really like the colors and the plasticity...great piece!

frodo's picture

Cheers friend...I expect dwarfs comes in all shapes and sizes, mostly small though...hehe!

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ha! I carved it back in 1971 when i was 18, and I know what your thinking, but I wasn`t high on anything but the sap of youth...belive it or not, but it was carved out of hardboard that had been given to me on a biulding site where I was working as an apprentice electrician, and late I had the chance to have it cast into brass. Just added some battery acid, to turn the brass blue/green and walla! the other version was that this antiquity was handed down the ages on my Took side...tehehe

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this is one amazing piece of work. all the details you put into it are amazing! it's not how I would have imagined a dwarf, but it would've been nice to imagine them like this when I read LotR... anyway, wonderful work. looks very ancient-greek, too ^_^

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o WOW ~O=O~ Great piece of sculpture, Terry!! That beard is playing tricks on me though.........staring harder.....or maybe its just that coffe I drank this morning. LOL--super work! Is that a stone carving?

Art at its best.