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Added: Nov 16, 2002
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`Hoom,hm! by root and twig..up spouts a little folk, caught up in a mighty storm, I hope you can wheather it...

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ha.. so would I. I`ve always seen Treebeard as a sort of kindly school teacher...thanks for your comment Keri...

soulofafairy's picture

I would love to sit and listen to his stories!!! So magical Terry!

frodo's picture

Yes it was a cunning device chris, but not quite how Tolkien decribes it though! ..thanks for dropping in mate...

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im sure this has been said in ur previous comments terry but i absolutely love the stairs and how the water goes down into the lake at the bottom; thats just wonderful perspective and a beautiful backdrop to treebeard

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This was originaly drawn many moons ago, but I did complete the painting just before the Two Towers came out. For the passed three years It`s always been a race against time to get my version in before the movie...I`d planned to do a picture of Gandalf and his fireworks, and I was going to use a dragon, just as they did in the film...but if I did it now I`d be accused of copying & fan art so I don`t know what to do?..

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Did you draw this before or after you saw the movie? Well, at least I'm guessing you saw the movie.....

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I really must finish this one...cheers Uwe!

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no words for this - think it speaks for itself - oh only one thing - I LOVE IT

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cheers Allen

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Yeah...I definatley like being able to relate what I am seeing in your paintings to a familiar story. Well done!

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Cheers Kort!..I still have not really finished this one, theres still the border to paint with the leaves of fall...

twopynts's picture

Great painting, characterization, perspective, colors...everything!!

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Unlike the film I see trebeard, more like a friendly grandfather or schoolteacher...thank for the comment Vera...

nep's picture

this really is GREAT!
Wonderful colours, everything looks so nice and friendly... Hahh.. Smile)))

frodo's picture

Ha! ...it does look like "Dan the Man"..pure coincidence

gandalf-85's picture

Great use of colors. His face reminds me of John Goodman...

frodo's picture

Cheers Socar...I must try to finish it!

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Wow, that's incredible! I really adore the expression on the face of the tree...and those winding stairs...this is an absolutely beautiful picture.

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Cheers Oliver your comment is much appreciated...thanks for dropping in...

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this is really magnificant,i could´nt tell the name of him,cause it would take tooooo long,but hey,crazy composition,surprisingly fresh perspective,and the overall colorsheme works!
my favorite from your Tolkien ones...!

frodo's picture

To be honest, I have not finished it yet, I`ve still got the twiggy eyebrows to do, and a lot more tiding up. Later I`ll put up the finshed version...thants for dropping in Marcela...

twstdrealty8's picture

How cute! The colors are magnificent: very warm and adventuruos! I lvoe trees and that tree is just oh so cute, as well as the people sitting on the branch. The steps are very lovely and detailed as well.

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Thanks John!..thats a nice thought, gracing Tolkiens books. I`m still pondering about producing prints commercialy, I`ve got a new mother board and 19" monitor, the few files I had setup for prints, all the prints turned out darker a with more contrast...how about you John, you have a great printer, when are you going to start producing commercial prints....I sure they would sell well...

jeshannon's picture

I love your art Terry, it has that magical feel about it and i could see your stuff gracing Tolkien books along with the best.. (When are you going to do damn prints??)

Art at its best.