into the lair by frodo

into the lair

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Added: Jan 20, 2003
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Frodo was lying face upward on the ground and the monster was over him, Sam filled with rage, sprang forward with a yell, and his master`s sword "Sting"

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frodo's picture

a bit of a comic take on the sean really, this is another part in the book I`d like to illustrate again...

forestrogers's picture

OH -- she's wonderful!

frodo's picture

yes!..this is only a rough sketch, but I really enjoyed doing this type of thing, and I can knock them out for a pass time if I wanted too...

Guest's picture

Wow, I can tell that's Shelob and I'v only just finished the Fellowship...that's awesome!

frodo's picture

your Battle Cry was magic!...keep working at it and I can see you up there with the have got what it takes...

allenp's picture is awesome...I am working on a color pencil version of my Battle Cry pic but this almost makes me want to stop. I really like this pic.

frodo's picture

Thanks Winnie...part of a bigger picture?... not in this case Winnie, I just felt like doing something quick for a change...

wrreyes's picture

They're all right. Fabulous work Terr. Great composition. I do get the feeling this is only part of a bigger picture. It's so action packed and fabulous one wishes there's more. LOL!

frodo's picture

Cheers was just a bit of fun, not meant to be a serious piece..but I enjoyed doing it away and I think that has come through... thanks for dropping in...

k-t-roo's picture

hey terry this is great!!! i love the expression on shelobs face, classic! hehe, i love the expression on sams face too. and gollum!!!!! all in all a great piece.

frodo's picture

ha! thanks Nell...

elven-nell's picture

Hey, this is great! This beautifully illustrates that amazing scene. Shelob sure is ugly! But that is a compliment!

thrax-1's picture

hehe thats cool,i've been up sky tower,though never bungied.although its not like what you see when the cord is around the legs though there is a lot of support around the body,youll probably see when some holiday pics come home!!.

anyways does shelob have a bit of history?or is he/she just a natural creature like an oliphant.One of the things i very much liked about the balrog!was it had this sense of history about it,i loved how it fit into the story,i imagined little hobbits and elves and something about the end of the world,to my suprise there was a nice fiery demon.WOW.
I think it was the way gandalf described him.A demon of the ancient world.Had a neat mystique about it,and gave him age!

frodo's picture

Ah!.. I`m giving the plot away,mind you Marley this illustration is not exactly how it`s described in the book...
my daughter is in your wonderful country at the moment...shes just done a bungie jump from that huge tower you have in Aukland (Sky tower)and now I`ve just heard she done one of those piggyback skydives from 12000 feet...must be something in that Newzealand air you have downunder.I`m going to use her for photo reference in my next picture, the character of Eowyn shield maiden...thanks for dropping in Marley...

thrax-1's picture

ahaaa!galadriels phial?,there you go,thanks bill!.hehehe

thrax-1's picture

ive never read the lotr books,hopefully we get to see this scene in the movies,I'm really interested to see how they reproduce the spider.this image although as you put it,Cartoony,still shows a lot of tension.i like the special effects eminating from the pendant/stone(i cant tell srry).nice 1

frodo's picture

Thanks`s turn out a bit cartoony, but I did enjoy doing it...and sometime I lose that enjoyment when I`m reaching for the stars...thank for dropping in...

bcorbett67's picture

That's amazing Terry, Shelob looks really scary. Nice pencil work I like the light coming from Galadriel's phial too.

frodo's picture

this picture looks pretty washed out too, before I`ve scanned it in Anneth, but once it`s loaded into photoshop,then the colour is saturated and worked over especially the white and darks it starts to take form...and for some strange reason you don`t seem to lose the crayon texure...

aridante's picture

Very impressive colored pencil work, my friend! Geez, my colored pencil stuff never looks this snazzy without getting washed out, heh heh. I love the lighting effects on this.....heh, Sam must've gotten a work out--never expected a hobbit to look so muscular ;D Great job!

Art at its best.