Thistledown(detail) by frodo


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Added: Apr 17, 2003
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I painted the thistles background in gouache about 26 years ago, and only just recently added the Fay characters. The "fay baby" is a manipulated photo...

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The Fae is part of all of us, the part of us that is not bound to the earthly man made rules, but our animal instincts that go back to the morning of the world, where our souls were free...I guess thats why were all Artists here to safely express those things felt and seen through that ethereal mists of time...

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This piece is so lovely! She is so wispy and is as if she is the wind yet her wings are so much the earth. Wonderful!

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Yes gouache was the first paint that I started illustrating with, I like the solid opaqueness, and it`s very forgiving...

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Smile - nice to see that someone uses gouache too Smile -- wonderful immage

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Yes I have Allen, but not as consistently as I would have wish for...I was too busy bring up a family...

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Yes I`ve seen most of Brian work but the oracle cards must have slipped passed. I`ve always found that Brian work has inspired me, but theres always the danger of just becoming a second rate clone of his,...and I think the Fey world has lots of nooks and cranny that has not been explored yet, after all were talking about what science can`t measure...our feeling and emotions...thanks for dropping in...

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It's cool to meet another involved with the fey...If you have Brian Froud's oracle cards many of the pictures might spark some more inspiration...they did for me,but in writting not in art. You have loveley pictures and I hope to to see more ~Rosie~

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Obviously you have been painting for some time now...I really like your technique.

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Thankyou have a wonderful gallery, full of the Fae yourself...

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Art at its best.