Thistledown by frodo


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Added: Apr 21, 2003
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Midsummers eve..when twilight fades on the last strike of the dandelion clock, the awakening of the Fae Smidglings commence...

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frodo's picture

Cheers Nadiia.. and you for conjuring up the most alluring fae sculptures on epilogue ...

polyfae's picture

You are The MASTER of color and shade!

frodo's picture

Thanks Rebecca ..just sold a limited edition of this one for £175 ... so things are looking up! Smile

goddessart's picture

This is just fabulous.

frodo's picture

Thanks Ken!

Guest's picture

Great piece.

frodo's picture

Thankyou Jen!...

jenr8r's picture

this is just one of the most beautiful pieces of art i've ever seen! stunning work! Laughing out loud

frodo's picture

Thanks chris! I still haven`t really used the illustration side of my art, but I might do a few just to show I can...thanks for dropping in chris...

caitmf1's picture

woeeeeee; what wonderful realism mixed with fantasy; i really woudlnt have guessed this was in ur normal style; its absolutely beautiful terry; am blown away;

frodo's picture

Thanks Liiga ....hard to control medium as watercolour, ah! well it would be if it was water colour. I chose that medium because it was the closest to Gouache!...thanks for dropping in.

liiga's picture

Fascinating! I'm absolutely amazed at how you managed to pull *this* off with such a hard to control medium as watercolor. *gives a standing ovation*

frodo's picture

I`m glad you injoy it...

j-art's picture

most beautiful work of art

frodo's picture

just remember how colouring was fun at school...and don`t be afraid to shout with your colours, and be outrageous...

allenp's picture

This is intense....I really need to work on my coloring skills....your stuff is incredible!

frodo's picture

Cheers winnie...I did this many moons ago as an botanical study, and always felt that there was an fanasty aspect to it, so just rencently added some fey figures to it ...

wrreyes's picture

Hey Terr! Missed your works. This is realtively new to me. Fabulous detail! Excellent color composition and great movement. Glad I dropped by and saw this.

frodo's picture

Thankyou Anneke,but it`s not really watercolour but a close relation... gouache!

frodo's picture

It may seem that way Stella, but if you take the figues out of the picture, it leaves the botanical study of thistles I did over 20 years ago...and there`s still my illstrative style that I`ve not really shown of the net, but devolopt when I was at art school nearly 30years ago now ...thanks for visiting ...

abroenink's picture

It's unbelievable what you can do with watercolors! Incredibly beautiful image, Terry.

devilry's picture

Whoopsie! Methinks you have improved a lot from your early Elfwood stuff. Not that you were any bad then, not at all, but this is just ..whoopsie! Smile

frodo's picture

cheers Jeff...

thejeff's picture

this seems like a surreal dream. works like this reward multiple views. tres cool.

frodo's picture

Thanks Nigel...good point, I never thought of putting a low key moon effect, but I can see it now... and that would add a little more depth to the picture and explain the slite tinge of blue to the thistledown...I`m glad I though of that..haha
I`ve got no Idea how this should be framed...I suppose it depends on the style of the apartment ...

Guest's picture

Love this painting Terry. Wonderfull use of colour, lighting effects and detail. I feel it may benifit from some kind of 'low key' moonlight at the top end, and I would like your thoughts on how you would frame this piece to show it off to best effect?

frodo's picture

cheers Cos!...these days I tend to work at least up to A3 size 350dpi, so as to be able to print them off as posters, and when there that big the detail has got to be there ...thanks for dropping in mate!

cos's picture

Beautiful work Terry! I love all the little delicacies and intricate detailing, your unique style shines through.

frodo's picture

Thanks Michael..your comment is much appreciated...

sevencrows's picture

great picture.very well done

Art at its best.