Journey into The Shaddows by frodo

Journey into The Shaddows

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Added: Oct 09, 2003
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Shadowfax beloveded horse of the Riddlemark, that was foaled in the morning of the world.
The Nine cannot vie with him , tireless… swift as a flowing wind, and by day his coat glistens like silver, by night it is like the shade of moonlite rippling on a wave…

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Thanks Chris... Yes I do feel I know where Mr.Tolkien is coming from, although he`s is middle class and I`m working class(a bit like Sam really) we both grew in villages, so some of the capers that Frodo got into as a child with farmer Maggot, so did I with my I feel I know exactly where he`s coming from. He`s also had a Catholic upbring as I did...I work for myself as an Electrician, and as a youngster I worked for many of Tolkien generation and often listen to there storys about first world war and the I feel I have a bit of an insite into where he`s comming from. He wrote some of the Lord of the Rings just ten miles away, as the crow flies from where I live, Sidmouth. And you don`t need an imagination to see the shire it`s all around you....

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Thanks mate!...

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Hi Liptak..yes I agreed films can do so much with thousands of fantastic images coming at you in minutes, so as I see it you got to try and capture the very essences and then turn it into an Icon..a bit liken boiling down jam really...thanks again Liptak!...

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This is my last chance to have my say, before the film comes never know they might have a shot just like this...then I`d be really sick after all the work I`d put into it...just hope I can finish an oil painting I`m doing, it may top this one, it`s looking good so far..Thanks Marley for dropping in...

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This is so damn crisp and clear! it's a tactile experience! Love the foreshoretening, the action, and the color/composition. I can tell that Tolkien's works have touched you deeply!

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Ehh, and I forgot: grats for the EP!

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Shame or not, I must learn much:) You are GREAT Terry! This painting is awesome. Many wonderful details, fantastic colors and that real fantasy mood what I imagine when I read Tolkien. I think Tolkien wrote tales and (although) I like the film too, this pic is closer to me with its tale feeling. Of course between a painting and a film are many differents, both have rules, but Epilogue is an artist site;-), so I prefer your version:) Sorry for the chaotic comment and my english. Congrats, you are a real master!

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Damb!! thats really well done.The colours are really vibrant.lovely details aswell.Congratz terry~Marley

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Hi Katy...thanks for your help in sourcing some photo reference for Shaddowfax. Yes it was an age ago when I started the first drawing, and I still intend to complete Gandalf an the fireworks, probably in the new year...
I`ve got something a little special if I can finish it in time, before the movie comes out...Thanks for dropping in Katy and lifting my spirits...I`ve got the dreaded lergi, at the moment(a really bad cold).

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Tehee hardly Uwe! you`ve left a comment almost every picture in my gallery haha!... and thanks a lot, there much appreciated...

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Terry!! youve finished it!!!! wow it seems to be years ago you showed me the preliminary sketch to this. its turned out awesome, i love shadowfax, and the ice that his foot is touching. now youve finished this one you can finish that lovely one you showed me years ago of gandalf close up Wink

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Thanks Tom it`s taken an eternity to finish this picture. I wanted to finish it before the "Return of the Kings" the film ...just one more to finish...

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Cheers Bill and thanks for your comment at Elfwood...

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Cheers John...I`m not just a pretty face, in fact I`m not even a pretty face..haha! ...what are you up to these days...? I haven`t seen one your for ages...

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Ha.. it looks that way Judy, I`ll quote what Tolkien wrote..."I did not know you rode bare-back, Gandalf,`he said you haven`t a saddle or a bridle!" "I do not ride elf-fashion, except on Shaddowfax, said Gandalf. "But Shaddowfax will have no harness. You do not ride Shaddowfax: he is willing to carry you- or not. If he is willing that is enough. It is then his business to see that you remain on his back...I do like to inject a little humour into the picture if I can, thanks for comment Judy...

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haaa- i am speechless - fantastic artwork - wow -

portalrun's picture

Great image Terry , and a very original version , excellent work...

bcorbett67's picture

Very nice Terry, and another Editors pick, well done.

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Absolutely stunning Terry and Digital too I'm well impressed !!

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Hah, nice. I knew this was probably a pick just from the thumbnail. I really like the composition. It's funny that Gandalf isn't holding on very well though. I get the feeling he will fall off. Wink

Art at its best.