Shield-Maidens Last Stand by frodo

Shield-Maidens Last Stand

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Added: Dec 07, 2003
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Thou fool, no living man may hinder me!..Dernhelm laughed, and the clear voice was like the ring of steel."But no living man am I! You look upon a woman, and you stand between me and my Lord and Kin!...

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frodo's picture

Cheers Kirsi..I had the advantage of creating it before this part of the movie was shown. It`s true, it`s hard now to stop imagery from corrupting your own vision of Mr Tolkiens story.. I appreciate you dropping into my gallery taking the time to`s a very rare now..thanks again Smile

kizalon's picture

amazing and original work. The action and style is impressively handled, I like it a lot!! Great to see something different and unique coming from the story than the ones seen in films. Great job Smile

frodo's picture

Thanks friend...

Guest's picture

Oh look! I gave that whole gigantic comment on the detail shot without even realizing it was just a small part of a bigger painting. Go me. This is.. just breathtaking. I love everything about it. I don't have time to come up with something wonderful to say right now, but I'll definitely be coming back to your gallery.

frodo's picture

Yes that was my main aim to try and tell the whole story in one image. it might have made a more dynamic picture if I`d just focused in on the main two protagonist...thanks for dropping in Rita, I appreciate all your comments the many comments you make to other artist here at Epilogue..pity theres not more like you...

rita's picture

Oh my, this painting tells a complete story...

frodo's picture

Thanks JP! I`m not always sure how people see my know what it`s like you tend to see things that bother you in your own work. There was a bit of a trade off between symbolism with the Christ like pose of the king and the enemys serpent flag striking him, and their flag just behind Eowyn faultering but the horse trying to get up and echoing Eowyn`s brave stand.

vengince's picture

Hey Terry, actually the red flag doesnt bother me at all I think its genius when an artist disrupts or does not follow the rules of composition, in this case it does not hurt the piece but enhances the richness of the scene and its Dramatics, it also is a trademark of your style which in my opinion is incredibly original.

frodo's picture

It`s funny I thought I could pull it off, but didn`t quite do it...still maybe I`ll have another go at it...

Guest's picture

Oh my goodness. Seeing the whole painting. This is really great. Such detail. I love the style. I have always wanted to illustrate this scene but never thought I could pull it off. You did it Awesome.

frodo's picture

Cheers JP!...I made a really blunder by putting that red flag, that seems to have the effect of short circuiting the composition, stopping the eye from following through to merry...and I expect you to kind to point out the strange perpective going on in the forground...sometimes I try a little to hard...and it shows...ha!

vengince's picture

your Tolkein works are amazing!

frodo's picture

Cheers Anneth glad you like it..yeah! it`s one of my favourite parts too...I thought the film could have built the scene up abit, still they didn`t have my picture to work from ..haha!

aridante's picture

*delicate cough*
LOVE this picture, Terry, probably my most favorite one to date (which also happens to depict my favorite scene in the book. Girl power. Laughing out loud )

Fab work!

frodo's picture

you bet!.. I started it last February, and still haven`t completed it...still you can see what I`m trying to say...

bcorbett67's picture

Blimey Terry!! So much detail! it must have taken you an age? It's always good to see your unique brand of Tolkien inspired art Smile

j-art's picture

boah - you never fail to leafe me speechless - i love each and every detail in this scene - love lord of the rings - now i am nosy how this scene will look in the movie Smile

frodo's picture

Cheers Denny... yep! won`t be long now, I sure they do it justice...

isenho's picture

can't wait for this scene in the movie!You did a great job!! Such action and cool poses.

frodo's picture

Thanks Patrick.. you got a pretty unique style yourself. I`ve been working on this since last February, on and off. I made a model of the shieldmaiden and the beast to get the lighting and photograph my daughter face.The torso of the witchking I photographed my 21 year old son. I wish I could used myself but those days are passed...hahaa! thank for dropping in mate!...

frodo's picture

AH! ...din yes that Merry down in left hand corner, I wonder how the film will show it....soon now!

frodo's picture

Ah!.. reminds you of Alan Lee`s Artwork
I must be improving then ...Ha! thanks Marley for your very kind comment!...

frodo's picture

Thanks Iris!..Plennor fields is meant to be a wonderful meadow, with wild flowers, so I though is makes a good contrast to death, as the poppy does in Britain, to commemorate the dead of our armed forces from pass battles.

megaflow's picture

This is a very magical piece - wonderful colors and action.. That's also an impressive amount of detail!! You've got a cool, unique style here.

Guest's picture

Wow! This was definately worth waiting for. Is that Merry in the left hand corner?(can't find my book to check). Brilliant! You should be very proud...I know I am! xx

thrax-1's picture

That is incredible work, the whole image actually reminds me of the piece hanging on the wall in rivendell/sp in the movie(even though its completely different).It has the same ancient feel thats for sure.great work terry

iris's picture

I like it lots. such detail. think one of my favorite things are the little flowers in the right hand corner, something positive among all that horror of a battle. Oh and let's not forget the clouds and ofcourse the Nazgul!

Art at its best.