Behemoth by vuollet


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Artwork Stats
Added: Feb 25, 2002
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A pencil behemoth

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asurfael's picture

Nice design indeed. I also like the pencil rendering. It's smooth but not to smudged. Also, it looks really clean.

vuollet's picture

Yeah, I just begun making a creature and after a while it started to remind me of Behemoth from Final Fantasy series. So I named it behemoth.

twstdrealty8's picture

interesting creature design

vuollet's picture

Mmm... lengthy story like description? Whatcha talking about? Cool I have tried to post the pics here too but they don't get approved... And there is a link to EW at my main page. Sorry but there ain't many good photos of me...

Guest's picture

IT'S A FROTHING SCOTTISH TERROR! OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--absolutely no diss on the picture. NONE! But I had to say it. And I love that lengthy story like description you had to go with this pic. But I wish you'd post more of the stuff you had on elfwood HERE! You leave this gallery very empty and yet you say you like it more? *shrugs* AND FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS NOT VISITED THIS AWESOME PERSON'S ELFWOOD GALLERY WHERE THIS MUCHOS ART, VISIT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!! And if you can't find a link, demand one. But have the same photo on both gallerys! You are BORING! BUT EVERYONE VISIT HIS ELFWOOD GALLERY!!!!!!!

vuollet's picture

Okay Cool When is your birthday?

Guest's picture

I want one of those for my birthday!!

shauna's picture

Very Nice Janne. I am quite amazed at the detail in this picture. Smile Good work. The hair at the end of the tail and along the back is very well done.

vuollet's picture

Just you wait, you will get more Wink I'm kinda suprised how this pencil piece draws more people than the colored piece 8/

chrisxavier's picture

You´ve got a very sensitive hand when it comes to shading. Nice pencil-work! Give us more.

vuollet's picture

Thanks Cool Actually I'm itching to make a new pencil piece. This time with a little bit more effort. I'm just stuck with my newest piece with watercolors. I just cannot do anything new before I've gotten it finished...

prelude's picture

impressive imagination.. well, above this, nice techniques to express this kind of vision. I like this pencil work more Janne ..wish to see some more

vuollet's picture

Thankies Cool English goes fine. At least others will propably understand your comment a bit better. How did I do that? Well... Guess I did it out of boredom Cool Such questions are always hard to answer to... But thanks again Cool

Guest's picture

Unbelievable! Mitäkähän kieltä tässä nyt pitäis käyttää? Englantia? That tail is magnificent, so many details and beautiful shadowing.. How did you do that?! *gets green of jealous* Oh, I'm just admiring your talent. Smile A great picture!
-Tiina =)

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