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the ib

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Added: Jun 28, 2002
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inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's short story "the Doom that came to Sarnath"

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oooh! put a nail up his bum!

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beautiful! I hope to see more like this

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beautiful! I hope to see more like this

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this is one of the best peices ive seen... its clours caught my eye with a punch... i love the display of extreme darks and lights all in the same peice...PHAT!

feral's picture

Lovecraft would have been proud..

gandalf-85's picture

congrats on editor's pick. That is the coolest frogman i've ever seen.!

hexthree's picture

Thank you Iris! I am touched by your comments.

iris's picture

As Anouk said very Magical. Can't really say what part is my favorite but this I would like to take with me wherever I go.... such a source of inspiration. I can hear the croaking of frogs, the rustling leaves and all those fireflies zoom around my head.... the stuff dreams are made off.

hexthree's picture

Thank you Anouk. Thats a great name. Anyway I also happen to be fan of Wendy Pini.

hexthree's picture

H.P. is an amazing source for ispiration.

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this is an awsome pic. what makes it even better is that H. P. Lovecraft is my faveorite author.

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Wow.. magical'

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No, Chun you are the man! when are you going to submit your work to the gallery?

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Wow! Beautiful light and dark contrast, I love it. Vance, you are the man!!

hexthree's picture

Thanks Samuel and Patrick. Lovecraft was such a great writer. After imersing myself in his work for the last couple of months, I tried to test the limits of my ability. Hopefully my depictions of his imagination are not an injustice to his work.

megaflow's picture

As everyone has said, this is spectacular. You are improving every time out, it seems. I am inspired to re-read this story (again!) with your picture fresh in my mind.

samael's picture

"The Doom that came to Sarnath" its among the "better than angry sex" things in my list, your AMAZING work adds an extra charm to the tale. Rock!

hexthree's picture

thank you everyone for your comments. Thats what makes all the hard work worthwhile.

fantasio's picture

a very gorgeous work,love the lightning and the composition as well, i´didnt read the stories of H.P.L.,but i know C.A.Smith, and the flavourable similarities of them,and if this technique is your approach for future worx,i seem to appreciate this as the right way...very strong!

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I love this! The work in you're gallery is fantastic and you have one great imagination.

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Oh my, that's a really impressive picture. I love the creatures, the plants, and especially the background. This picture looks really complete.

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Excellllent ! As a Lovecraft worshipper, I love it even more Smile Love all the glowing things *bows* (and a big thx for the comment btw)

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Oh such lovely light...and those amber eyes....Wow!

hexthree's picture

thanks, this one took a lttle longer than my other illustrations but it may be a new direction for future works.

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This piece has a very nice, unique feel to it. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Hymm ;D Climatic - Nothing to Add

Art at its best.