ribeye by hexthree


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Added: Jul 14, 2002
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jenr8r's picture

this rocks!!! great lookin work! Laughing out loud

kyri's picture

This is excellent! It has a very
eerie, creepy mood and atmosphere. You're creatures always have great
imagination behind them and the colours
really enhance the overall feel of the

hexthree's picture

Thanks Oliver! I like complimentary color schemes and wanted to see what I could do with red and green without it looking like a christmas card.

hexthree's picture

I did'nt have Iron Maiden in mind when I was working on this one, but Derek Riggs is a great artist. Now that I look at it there is some resemblance, Maybe they are cousins?

hexthree's picture

You can take him home, but I doubt he's house trained!

hexthree's picture

Thank you for comments Patrick! I've been trying to put more emphasis on compisition and lighting with my work. Before I became an Epilogue member, I did'nt really have any other artist to talk to and learn from. So thank you all for you for taking time write and critique!

fantasio's picture

well another great piece,and a great concept too,from the unsettled background to the more unsettled foreground...i just love how the colors harmonizes...wow!

neofotistos's picture

I can't help but think of Eddie, the Iron Maiden pet zombie, but it's really well executed.

I've been wondering since the first time I saw your creatures, if you would ever try to paint any of Michael Moorcock's beasts from Elric and Corum.

to be honest, I'm sure that the author himself didn't have a clue as to what his monsters looked (lizards with pelican legs, and so forth), so it falls on the shoulder of really good artists to give it a go.

disgusting rib-bones on his head. good touch!

azayaka's picture

wow... hes pretty! can i take 'im home? ...seriously tho, this is just great.Smile

megaflow's picture

Brilliant, Vance! Your creatures are great, and you always set them in very cool compositions, like this one.

Art at its best.