The ranger drow by maddie

The ranger drow

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Added: Mar 27, 2003
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Guest's picture

wonderful craftskill and a nice look for details.

yrindale's picture

I too like the face...and more importantly the eyes that nab our attention. Tis hard to bring it from text to illustration but I think you did nicely. Good work.

maddie's picture

Laughing out loud. What I like least about him is the form of his face... but that will have to wait for another time ^_^.

goldseven's picture

You know what I like most about him? His lips! I always completely neglect lips when I colour drow. He's gorgeous!

Guest's picture

Wow, that's good! I love Drizzt!!! That's one of the best pictures of him i've ever seen!!

maddie's picture

I'm still there ^_^.

chutap's picture

is that Drizzt?? ohhhhh crikey..Drizzt is so hot!! *heart* *love*
btw, i've seen you from Elfwood, like long time ago :)D

Guest's picture

I like Your vision of Drizzt Do'Urden Smile.

minoukatze's picture

Sighhhh....this is so beautiful. Can't wait to see more of your work!

Art at its best.