Shadow-Burns-Bright by eden-celeste


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Added: Nov 26, 2002
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While a fearsome werewolf and warrior, Shadow-Burns-Bright retains a very quiet sense of calm and a more often than not unidentifiable sadness and acceptance of a bleak fate.

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I'd like to give you a personal ' thank you ' for drawing this picture, as it's inspired me to create a character from this picture, with your approval. I love werewolves, and the picture is simply perfect for the entire aspect of him. A wolf-headed pommel shows his connection to his heritage and his pride for what he is, and his clawed hands and tattered clothes show his acceptance of his fate and his will to carry on. The background of green ripples gives him a supernatural aura of mystic qualities, much like Werewolves are normally given. Keep up the artwork, as continue to amaze me with their unique qualities.

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Eden its me again just checking out a few more of your works of art make me fall in love with art work even more. The warrior kind of reminds me what I wish I looked like IRL but hey its only a dream I have what to look like...keep up the great work its very very lovely

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Yay! You recognized that it was a sewer in the background! Smile

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Wow, great mood in this on, really like the green sewer background.

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Yay! I was hoping someone would notice the sword pommel. I worked with as much attention to detail on that as I did on his face, which is rare for me to do on an object. Wink

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The face, the sword pommel, the wispyness... I like this very much. Yep. ^_^

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The person I painted this for spent a lot of time describing the mood and expression of his character so I really wanted the art to focus on that. However I also wanted to hint at the great Wyrm creature he just destroyed in the background. And things are far more horrifying when not fully seen.

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Thank you! I painted him for a friend and while it wasn't on purpose I think he looks a lot like the author of the character (who is a lovely man). Wink

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Thank you Kay! Smile I rarely paint men and maybe the reason is because I feel really silly drooling over my own artwork. *laughs*

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his face is great- it really stands out. I like the refined look of him face against the looser background, its as though there's a big neon sign above saying 'look at his face!'. Good work

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Oh I love this Eden. The face catches you and then you explore the rest of the painting and back to the face. Great work...oh and colors are awesome too.

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He's gorgious.. great colors and rendering.. especially love how you drew his hand, and those eyes. Those eyes! *drools*!

Art at its best.