The Beast by ewillustrati

The Beast

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Artwork Stats
Added: Nov 12, 2001
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red-ink's picture

ok, this one totally blasts me off my feet. I've seen many good fantasy-artworks around here, but this is! Must be the way, the light falls or the harmony of details or the dynamic pose, I don't really know. Its great! I love it!^^

Guest's picture

sweet ^_^

Guest's picture

And I shall take him home and name him Fluffy and he shall be huggable pet.

Guest's picture

Very nice! I like the softness of the coloration.

Guest's picture

you found him! i knew someone else has seen him before! that's the evil thing that creeps around my room at night! lol your work is great

k-t-roo's picture

this is an excellent picture. the detail and composition are great. lovely work!!!

Guest's picture

funny, my name is eric williams, and i make art as well.

Guest's picture

A PET WORTH TO CALL MY OWN BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! *kof* must wipe off evil grin *kof* I give it 6 smilieys Smile:)Smile:)Smile:)

Guest's picture

I really like the beasty's texture, also really like the diabolical toothy grin, awesome!

Guest's picture

Very demonic looking, I love it!

blueunicorn's picture

Acrylic? Excellent!! *shudders* I wouldn't want this running through my dreams. Which just goes to show how well the painting grabs the viewer.

caitmf1's picture

what i like most apart from the desighn is how u hanlded the perspective tones, such a strong llooking creature, really cool, and even cooler since its hand paintted, it looks so smooth.

Guest's picture

Damn this is a cool painting. I'm very envious of your talent with acrylic. I especially like the centipede-like tail, which lends such an eerie insect-like feel despite the fact that its an almost vulpine creature. Centipedes creep me out a lot, euch! I wouldn't want to play fetch with this beastie!!
I can't wait to see what you pop up next!

randis's picture

Very nice Illustration!
But it should be fantasy and not aime. ^^

wolverat's picture

I especially like the shadow on the rock. Fantastic amount of detail. This guy is the stuff that nightmares are made of! Great creature.

iscalox's picture

Ah, what a cutie!

Seriously, lovely work, very dynamic composition and pose.

Art at its best.