Vampiress by wolverat


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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 02, 2001
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Red hair and freckles suggest that this one has seen a substantial amount of sunshine. Yet another wives tale proven false. This piece is now part of the Fewel collection.

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wolverat's picture

Yep, something you don't see every day on a Vampire.

Guest's picture

hot, i like the freckles Smile

wolverat's picture

Just a lucky stab in the dark, I guess. I'm glad you can identfy yourself with one of my works, eventhough it's a bit gruesome.

eschulz's picture

Stunning! Again I must bow down to the king of portraits. This could be me if I was undead. How did you know what I looked like?

wolverat's picture

She definitely looks blood thirsty. Did you notice the reflection of a cross in her eye?

meshenka's picture

I just had to comment on this, i love it! the blood is fantastic, it looks so heavy and smooth, exactly what a vampire likes Smile and the way you have her eye looking at you like she knows what you're thinking is great

wolverat's picture

Red hair and freckles sort of go hand in hand. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my work, Anouk.

Guest's picture

Awesome, i remember seeing the sketch of it at artattack. It's just amazing colored, i can even see her veins, it looks so realistic. I love that you gave her frekkles. Awesome image'

wolverat's picture

Thanks agian. There's nothing like a chronic biter.

vengince's picture

Excellent piece Dan,,I like it..I think the porportions are okay not everyone has the same face structure and actually I've seen a person who looks like that..and hey maybe she has a strong chin because she's a biter.

wolverat's picture

I see what you mean. Some times I don't pay attention when I map out the proportions. I guess I'm too involved with the subject. Something I have to work on.

Guest's picture

Great stuff.... this doesn't look like some generic vampire, it stands out. The only suggestion is that her face has some proportion problems... her forehead area is too short and her mouth/chin area are too long compared to her nose... those are suppossed to be equal length.

Art at its best.