Bad Hair Day by wolverat

Bad Hair Day

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 10, 2001
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This oil was done on a canvas board measuring 11"x14". Medusa, queen of the damned.

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wolverat's picture

Thanks, Luis. It was pretty interesting to paint.

mrluisdiaz's picture

WOW! I love this one.

wolverat's picture

My God, were we married to the same woman! I had to paint her from memory. If I'd used a picture for reference, I'm sure she'd have turned me to stone.

schlunz's picture

My Ex had a lot trips to mexico, but she never told me about a trip to the states...
where do you know her from?'s the first medusa with a snakeface, i've ever seen... great idea!

wolverat's picture

That's funny, she reminds me of my ex-wife! I wonder if they are the same person? Thanks for stopping by to check out my work.

michelb's picture

Great expression Dan. Looks like a serpentine Victorian madam. Reminds me of the look I used to get from a teacher in grade school when I forgot a homework assignment.

wolverat's picture

Thanks for checking out my work, Danny. Some times it takes them a while to accept new works. I'm sure you'll have your work showcased soon. Looking forward to seeing your work.

aragorn's picture

I think this picture is great. It has a humerous feel to it, but at the same time the Medusa is very creepy and monstrous. Well done. Maybe someday they will get around to either accepting or rejecting my files Cool

wolverat's picture

She is just a wee bit spooky. Thanks you very much for your kind comments, Maria.

jade's picture

I have to say this is bwst damn medusa I've ever seen. And I agree with Socar that your painting her hideous is not only original but totally convinving.

wolverat's picture

Thanks, Socar. She is a little intimidating. I've always though of Medusa as being extermely nasty and unpredictable.

wolverat's picture

Thank you for the kind comments, Tiina.

socar's picture

I really like this. So often, people paint Medusa as a beautiful woman with snakes for hair--you've made her absolutely hideous and monstrous, just like I've always imagined her. I think those yellow, piercing eyes really could turn someone to stone.

wolverat's picture

Hey, wait a minute! This is a portrait of MY ex! Were you married to Peggy too? Man, that's a scary thought.

drewhilstad's picture

This is my fovorite one! Not just because it looks like my EX.

wolverat's picture

She does seem a little threatening. You just have to keep out of striking distance!

saffiresword's picture

She looks truly scary, a woman not to make angry!
Wonderfull details and colouring makes it so realistic!

wolverat's picture

Thanks for your kind comments. This painting took me a while to finish because of other distractions. I like the fact that her mouth stretches all the way back to her ears!

mcf's picture

what a hideous creature!
fantastic, this is truly great.

Art at its best.