Odan and The Pool of Life by wolverat

Odan and The Pool of Life

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Added: Nov 17, 2002
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This painting, 22"x28", was commissioned for a book written by Daniel Olarnick. It depicts several different elements of the story. It is now part of the Olarnick collection.

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When you get ready to publish let me know and I'll do a cover piece for you.

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Turn around! For God's sake, turn around! *shakes his head* I'm reminded of every bad movie I've ever seen. The girl innocently bakes cookies (or whatever mundanely feminine thing they have the mindless blonde doing) while the killer somehow sneaks up behind her and slits her throat. Yet, they always have strength to scream bloody murder. *laughs* I write, myself, and have actually finished three novels. I'm working on a new one but at 16, it's hard to find a publisher who will take you seriously. I want to illustrate my own, but it would be an honor to flaunt one of your cover pieces on any of my books (most of which feature vampires). ~Torri

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It's a pleasure to work with you, Dan. You've sparked my imagination with your story. I'm looking forward to working with you again.

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Dear Dan: Thank you for using your considerable talent to bring my story to life. Your depictions of my written word far exceeded my vision of what the collage would look like.

In answer to some various comments posted on the Epilogue.net comment center, I would like to indicate that the four horsemen are not the Nazqul but depictions of the Four Horsemen of the Prophesies. I wouldn't rip off J.R.R. Tolkien or anyone else for that matter, as one of the commenters seems to indicate. Well, at least that matter is put to rest.

As far as the inquiry about the book, it is a collection of short stories that have a common theme running through them, which is, of course, The Tales of Odan the Scribe (and his revenge).

Getting back to your art. You have many fascinating pictures of fantasy and horror, which makes it very, very inspirational to a writer. I believe you, the artist, will be very successful before too long.

I look forward to the time I can see my book in print with "Illustrations by Daniel S. Mills" printed in the lower right-hand corner.

It is a wonderful rendition. I am proud to own it and the other drawings that I have purchased from you.

My best regards. Have a happy holiday season. I know your work has given me pause to smile and will certainly insure that I, too, will have a very happy holiday.


Daniel Olarnick
(Author of Odan the Scribe and Bijou the Wonderful Howling Beast.)

Art at its best.