Naiad, Huntress of the Mangrove Swamp by wolverat

Naiad, Huntress of the Mangrove Swamp

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 26, 2003
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This is an oil painting of a water sprite. She has webbed fingers and toes. 16"x20 on a streteched canvas.

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Thank you very much. I really enjoy painging aquatic babes. I just wish I had more time to paint them.

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You do such a great job with skintones! And I just love how you depict the webbing between her fingers!! You should do another pose of her out of the water up on a bank or rock so you can show off her webbed toes, too. Your webbed aquatic babes are just superb!!

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Thanks for visiting, Dan. I have a couple of more things in the works. I'll let you know when they are finished.

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Dear Dan: A very interesting illustration. It is very dark and has a lot of depth. Nicely done.

Haven't heard from you in a while. I'm currently busy and not writing, but am still collecting "thoughts."

I look forward to your next creation.


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You're welcome to use this image to represent your RPG character. Just as long as you don't sell it or profit from it. The good thing about working in oil is that you can always correct a mistake with it. It just takes lots of practice to achieve the effect you want. I learn something new every time I paint a picture.

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Wow.. this is really, really nifty. I play a water sprite named Sunday in an RPG.. it would be grand if I could have her as my ava. Would it be alright if I saved her and put her up on a profile? I'd give you credit, no worries. Just wondering. Anyway, onto the actual topic.. if you were in 'painter's block' while doing this, I want some, too! *laughs* Your brush control always impresses me. Oil is a difficult medium, but you never fail to make it look effortless. You have such gentle skin tones that I can't ever seem to reproduce. Oh, well. I guess my slightly (more than) twisted paintings aren't meant for humanoid skin tones, anyway. *grins* I need a scanner. Too bad I'm poor, hunh? *laughs* ~Torri

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This painting took a while to complete. I was in one of my "painter's blocks" when I started it. I hate when that happens!

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She looks pretty serious Dan,I see that hunters gleem when they spot prey look going on here, nice job on the skin tones, specially were the water meets the body, real wet looking...

Art at its best.