Queen of the Trees by blissdream

Queen of the Trees

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 10, 2001
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A dryad.. protector of the forests. This is a self-promotion / personal piece and is my most recent painting. Done using Painter 6.

This is really the first big print-quality high resolution digital painting i've done. It's made to be printed at 8x10 at 300 dpi.. so lots of detail is lost in this smaller web-friendly version.

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It's a very lovely picture, she has such a unique expression on her face. Somewhere between surprised and "what do you think your doing?"
Now.. one last thing... are those Hemp leaves?

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I want her top. ;^} I like the fluid feel, almost movement of the picture.

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I saw your sketches for this one on the sijun forums, and now I see the final result...I`m extremely pleased with how delicate, detailed and yet incredibly vigorous this picture is...definitely my favorite of your works and one of my favorites all over Epilogue as well! Really dig your style, something I`d love to see in computer adventure games.

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come to think of it, she looks like a Venus of the forest! // Lina

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it looks lovely, and as a girl i don't mind the bodyshape like the one who complained about breasts, it'sa fantasy picture and they don't look grotesque. however the hand that isn't on the tree looks a little strange, the fingers end too thin and start out too thick, giving them the "root" look. Other than that, it's great, love the colours you put in her skin! // Lina

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Your drawings are beautifull! Keep up your good work! from Marjolaine from Montreal Qc Canada

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I love the trees,and the character is pretty neat too....

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Oh, I like it much! It looks impressive in colour.
Though, I must admit, I liked the scetches in some way more, as (in my humble opinion) this picture has lost grace somewhere in its evolution.
Also, if you ask me, i think, that something is still a bit wrong with the balance, or the pose. She seems to push her pelvis forward in an unstable way.

But those are minor details, I love the overal picture and the lovely details, textures and colours.

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And here it is in color, eh? Smile It looks quite lovely, Michael (and she looks quite stable standing there Wink) One thing I can't get over that I didn't realize in the sketch is how great the trees look in addition to the dryad- they're nicely textured and help to frame the space around her. Once again, quite well done Smile.

Art at its best.