Faster and Meaner by jhoneil

Faster and Meaner

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Added: Nov 17, 2001
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oh dear

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wow... i wanna be like her. she's cool, haha dead giant, orc, thing.

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I like the graphics but im not to sure about the girl.It makes girls look like they are animals.

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I like the way I had to scroll down to find out what she is crouching on;)

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Whoha, talk about the beauty and the best in the same person (the babe). Totally awesome.

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Just returned from your home page; now I know why your work is wonderful....caio!

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Verrry nice. I love the fact that your digital stuff doesn't look digital, and your character's feet are firmly planted on the ground. So many digital pieces look layered, and floating. Not integrated well with the background. Your 'realism' rocks.....

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I made up a story for this: The giant is actually the would-be hero in the story;) I use photoshop 5.5 for all my digital illustrations. I like it better than 6 since it's simpler and it's a smaller program.

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What a chick ! What an attitude ! I can't help feeling sorry for the giant orc (?) dude anyway.Great textures,did you use Photoshop 5 to color this ?

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Interesting textures on the skin of the girl. I really like this, perhaps because this image sets off associations in my mind. My mother used to have a pure white border-collie, who didn't bark at strangers, instead if he considered them a threat he would very quietly sneak up on you, or wait in the shadows - deadly, mean. He was a lovely dog though, just a little over protective. Incidentally, he had one blue eye and one brown. That is what I think of seeing this, but something a little more feral, and a lot more vicious.

Art at its best.