Balancing Act by jhoneil

Balancing Act

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 03, 2001
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Hmmm, ... stunning work and even so with the body of work itself. Found great pleasure (by Newsbringer) in browsing thru. Thanks for providing the hand that fed Me pleasure. Now, on a lighter note. I feel in my gut this particular piece has potential for immortal greatness. Some really accurate realism in its rendering and touch to the onlooker could very well leave its impact upon any viewer. In its current status it an thee receive applauds here from. Xeeing beauty teetering in the balance of a demons touch has always held an allure upon our souls. ©®Å

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Wow, entire collection - art at it's best. This one is imaginative and impressive in both concept and result.

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The giant is having some fun eh? This is great.

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spying? I'm the one sending it to you Laughing out loud

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....have you been spying on my nightmares?...

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Hmmm, think I had an RPG character in a similiar situation... your work is excellent, shows great imagination and a fine sense of humor! I love it, keep it up!

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thanks guys - really encouraging to hear comments from very talented people...

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Great theme (subject, whatever) and great use of texture, colour, lighting attention to detail, etc etc. Very well done. And I'm lovin your style.

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Your work of art is so unique! I haven't seen creatures like this. I really like the color and lighting effects plus the concept itself. Another collection of your artistic work!

Art at its best.