Scorpio Blaster by jhoneil

Scorpio Blaster

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Added: Apr 07, 2002
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this is a neat picture.

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Nice work. I think the ass should have been more buffed up to make it look more sexy and appealing. The ass here looks like that of a man. beside that every other thing is fine.

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hi this picture is the best picture on any site that ive seen.I particularly like the scorpian on the blaster girls arm,ive tried blowin it up but keeps smugin,do you have any larger pictures of the scorpion alone? if so would love 2 see them LOOPYLEW2@HOTMAIL

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Actually, I am a Cancer but get along well with Scorpios..

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I bet you are a scorpio. Most of your work involves warriors and a lot of them show the ending of a hard journey or battle. Some show the beginnings also. But scorpios are very determined and full of potential to get things done, to get what they want, and to win. Amamzing. - *Jenn* -

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I'm a scorpio too. This is so awesome. She has the eyes, attitude and the body. Haha nice! I love this.

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Being a scorpio myself I know the scorpio attitude and she seems to have a lot of it.You did exellent at capturing the scropio spirit.Are you a scorpio?

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The woman reminds me of Jennifer Gardner of "Alias" fame.

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thanks Drazenka:)

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I have been a fan of your work for sometime now. It's always a pleasure to browse your gallery. You have a great imagination! Smile

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hey thanks Walt! Big fan of your style as well:)

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Great stuff! That goes for all of your work!

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Ah, this is fabulous, my dear. From the freckles to her lush hips, to the tats and frizzly wires. She's a doll <3

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Great details, Jhoneil. I like the idea that the gun is integrated into her arm and the tattoos are a nice touch too.

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thanks dudette!! Wink I was actually in a mall and saw a display window for a candle shop and that was the inspiration for the color. Funny where inspirations come from huh?

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yeah that is why I love digital - I am more willing to play and experiment with lighting. I was painting in acrylic the other day and I kept looking for the undo button Smile)

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Terry thanks!

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yeah she is tough huh. Thanks Cynthia:)

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my idea when I started this one is for a cover of a pulp fiction novel I was also a little inspired by Robert E. McGinnis' book covers. Anyway, glad you liked it:)

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Thanks Socar. Yes you are right about that light. I was just thinking I should make that light source into some sort of monitor...

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Thanks Patrick. Yes the background is 3d. I was doing it in photoshop and just realized how long it will take me to do all the details so I just used an old 3d hallway that I did a while ago. I might still touch it up so it's not so obvious that it is 3d. I also wanted to add more details to her like maybe a few scratches, smeared lipstick, etc. but my weekend ran out Laughing out loud

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Mighty fine, as always! I love the little touches you add that make the viewer want to learn more of the story - like, why the recently-broken wires, or the scorpio tatoo? Yeah, that sort of storytelling really draws me in. -- Technical question, if you have a second - did you model the back wall, or was that all 2D?

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This is better than "ok"--this is excellent! Especially the figure--the way you've rendered the skin is lovely. Her costume is also highly inventive--love the little blue-lit antennae. The one thing I'm not so sure of is the big orange light on the ceiling--it seems a bit less polished than the rest of the painting, almost like an afterthought. Overall, though, this is GREAT!

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Nice work Jhoneil..I especially like your feel for tone against the confident solid painting...technique! you have...

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very good digital work.

i like the lightning on the arm and the gun.
i really like your techniks

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My goodness! The pose is great...both sexy and powerful and that gaze! I love the tatoos as well. Really nice work Jhoneil!

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Her eyes, her outfit, her scorpion tattoo, the gun and the cybernetic glove--the details are wonderful.

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oooo very nice, nice color and composition! terrific stuff dude

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