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Added: Apr 30, 2002
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A modern day wizard.

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The fetid smoke and sour alcohol smells were the sovereign scents of his kingdom, the drunks, call girls, and hesitant wanderer; his people. The gambler called to each their name, eliciting the groans that always followed in places he had become known. But one person, a lone woman at the bar caught his eyes and he sidled over with a grin. Leaning back on the bar and tilting to give her a dashing smile as he held his hand out, lucky dice floating on gathered energy.-Fancy a game?

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SWEEEEET!!! Mr. Jhoneil Centeno, this is one of ur best. i like the nice spark effect with the dice. *tumbs up* excuss my child-ish-ness but... ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i really like your picture, dicey, i'm wondering if i can post the art work on my two websites with a link back to you..
if that is possible please email me the photo and the link you want the photo going to to drama@dramaticcreations.com

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Haha! I love the sparkly little dice in his hand (great hand btw!). The one thing that caught my eye though - silly little detail as it is - is that the playing-cards don't have rounded corners. Lethal! :}

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I think I ran into this guy at the craps table in Atlantic City!!!
Seriously...he's a trip Jhoneil. Looks like the type that'll either swindle you or magically part you from your cash. Great work!

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Aw! Magic dice! Great piece, Jho. It's always great seeing your work.

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Great work Jhoneil, composition gives it a good impact, and love that expression!

Art at its best.