Out there by bozenicar

Out there

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 17, 2001
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Travelling with solar sails driven spaceships through the galaxy. It's nice out there, isn't it?
Created with Bryce 4.1, no post-work.

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Very nice. Unusual colors and approach to the genre. "Happy accidents" have a long and distinguished history in modernity stemming from surrealism and the intentional creation of random techniques. This tradition has been adopted in illustration as a means of chaos development for natural structures. I love that something admittedly begun as an experiment, that wound up suggesting a different subject—then taken advantage of—was allowed to be posted. Excellent work!

chimera's picture

Nice and dreamy, me likes a lot too Smile

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Beautiful..I love it (:

bozenicar's picture

the colours... actually this was my first pic i made that colorful. I intended to create something different, but at the end it looked like planets or stars. Then i added the spaceship... and i liked it. Smile

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Wow...those are amazing colors... and they don't come to abrupt stop and start a new color, they sorta blend. Very pretty...Kewl, me likes!

Art at its best.