Greek Angel by valraven

Greek Angel

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Added: Dec 06, 2001
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God sent this angel to earth so that he could learn more about our modern way of life and now he is back in heaven to report ^-^

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Thank you, I will see what can be done about that...

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Model Angel-Daniel Wilke
Greek God-Samantha Willes

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I have seen this piece of artwork elsewhere but with a blank background. It was on elfwood to me exact, if you do a search on Angel Male you should find it readly....I am wondering how one would take away the background with no side affects...this person also had a female angel done in the same style. I have looked at other of your artworks and seen comments mentioning they were seen elsewhere I hope you do address this problem one way or another.

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Did u have to be greedy on the cloths? * Crosses arms and turns head * Humgh, I say he'd look much better with nothing on. hehe * Drools *, you know how they say " The artist draws themselfs in a matter of speaking? ", well...his that you or close to it? If so, Can I have you and your number? * Crosses fingers and hopes it's a yes * His the hottest man amoung this planet! Why o Why this torcher?!?!?!?! * Blushing * Ok. I'm done now. Anyways...Email me at or just IM me if you have aol or aim at betttyboop please. ^^ Thanl you.

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You surely mean Markus Schenkenberg. You ought to know him judging from your own model-based pictures ^-^

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Reakky great piece...I know the model...I think his name is Marcus Shenkenberg right? =)

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He's beautiful. You did a great job on this one, very impressed Smile

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can i marry him?....cuz damn....

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Hey, This picture looks great, what mark did you get on your assigement?? Must be an A+!!

Art at its best.